The star of the show in Willerby’s new Gainsborough model is the kitchen, which offers additional kitchen storage space in response to research with Willerby Owners Club members.

Willerby® launches stunning holiday home with extra kitchen storage space

Willerby has launched its latest holiday home featuring a new look, high-class interior design and a game-changing increase in kitchen storage space.


Maintaining the exterior of your holiday home

So your back being able to visit your holiday home again but you want to have a freshen up of the exterior, well we have gathered some useful information you need to know for when cleaning and maintaining the exterior.

Southport banner

Our Southport showground

Just 15 minutes drive from the town centre, our Southport showground is our latest addition. The site has an impressive 15 models on display including 3 lodges and 2 of our bespoke range.

Livingston Scotland

Our Livingston showground

Located at the Williamsons Garden Centre in the county of West Lothian, our Livingston showground has plenty to offer with a selection of 10 different models currently on display.

Humber bridge

Our Hull showground

Tucked away on our factory site in Hull, and boasting an impressive display of 19 models, the Hull showground is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to purchase a new Willerby home

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Words of Willerby

We've pulled together this handy guide to help you on your journey to finding the perfect home. Here’s a list of all the key terms you might hear along the way:

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Willerby launches latest holiday home perfectly designed for carefree living

This month we've launched our latest premium holiday home designed to maximise living space and create the perfect place to relax and unwind.


How to keep your static caravan warm in winter

Whether you’re a new or experienced caravan owner, it’s essential to know how to keep your static caravan warm during the chilly months.


How much does static caravan insurance cost?

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of static caravans, we love to talk to people about finding their dream holiday home.

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Winter preparations for a static caravan

If you are a new caravan owner, winter preparations might seem a little daunting. But fear not! Willerby is here to hold your hand through the process.


What are the costs of owning a static caravan?

Found a holiday home you’re keen to buy? First, you must be aware of the extra expenses associated with purchasing a static caravan.

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Are static caravans a good investment?

We’ll be talking about a handful of the things that make static caravans such an attractive investment — from staycation bliss to lucrative rental income!