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Our Key Objectives

At Willerby, we want to make a positive difference to people's lives through the homes we manufacture. By thinking how we operate as a responsible business today, we can make a positive difference on tomorrow.

Championing our people

Supporting diversity and inclusion across our workplace and providing a safe and open environment for our employees to thrive and feel part of something big.

Building the future

Continuously reviewing new technology and incorporating this into our designs to ensure we remain at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

Supporting the community

Engaging with local communities, businesses and charities to create a positive impact on Hull and the wider Humber region.

Protecting the environment

Minimising the impact we have on the environment by developing best practices, employing green ways of working and investing in environmentally friendly operations.

Our people

Willerby is one of the largest employees in Hull, with over 1100 members of staff. It's our people that make us who we are - they're passion, commitment and drive comes together to create dreams for holiday home owners across the UK. Have you got what it takes to work for the UK's biggest and best manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges?

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HR Policies

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HR Policies

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HR Policies

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