Holiday Home and Static Caravan Glossary

16 January 2023

If you’re new to the world of holiday homes then you’ve probably noticed that there are lots of words and phrases used that might be new to you - or might be used in a different context to what you’re used to. We do our best not to use too much jargon - but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

So if you come across a word that you need to check up on this is the place to look. And if you find a word or phrase that isn’t listed here but you think it should be, why not drop us a message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see if we can get it added!

All electric specification

Option that removes gas-powered appliances - such as the boiler and hob - and replaces them with electrical versions. Particularly useful if you are on a site with no easy access to gas supply.

Aluminium cladding

Type of cladding used on some Willerby holiday homes and lodges. Lightweight, low maintenance, fully recyclable and offers good weather protection.

The basics package

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BS 3632

Standard that a residential specification holiday home, park home or lodge must be built and adhere to. Any home or lodge with the BS 3632 standard will be suitable for year-round use.


Any interior wall.


Premium wood composite cladding with a modern appearance and great insulating properties.


Welded steel frame on which a holiday home, park home or lodge is built. Fitted with a towbar and wheels for transportation.


Exterior covering of your holiday home, park home or lodge. Options include CanExel®, aluminium and rigid vinyl.

Deluxe pack

Collection of popular options bundled together into a single upgrade. Usually includes kitchen appliances like dishwasher and washer/dryer.

Drain down

Process of removing fluids from your holiday home and checking anti-freeze levels to avoid freezing in winter. See your owner's handbook for more information. See also winterisation.

Eco pack

Option that replaces some fixtures and fittings with more eco-friendly alternatives (eg. water-saving showerheads and low-flow toilet cisterns).

EN 1647

Standard that a leisure specification holiday home or lodge must be built to. Appropriate for seasonal use.

Galvanised chassis

Chassis where the steel frame has been coated in zinc to provide enhanced corrosion protection. Usually a requirement for holiday homes and lodges on coastal parks. Galvanised Willerby chassis have 10 years extra warranty over standard.

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Holiday home

Pre-built home designed for installation on a holiday park. Willerby models are extremely well-appointed and luxurious. Also known as static caravans or leisure homes.

Holiday park

Commercially run enterprise where holiday home and lodge owners are able to rent pitches. May include amenities like bars, shops and swimming pools. Often situated close to popular areas of the countryside or coast. Cannot be used as a primary residence.
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Leisure specification

Describing a home built for occasional use in warmer weather. Will have less insulation and often be less spacious than homes built to residential specification.


Has two meanings when used by Willerby.
A single unit built to residential specification (ie BS 3632 specification and upgraded cladding)
Alternative term for a twin unit.

Lodge specification

Upgrade that can be applied to premium single units that includes upgraded cladding and BS 3632 residential specification.

Luxury pack

See Deluxe pack.


Side of the home or lodge where the side entrance is situated.


Side of the home or lodge opposite the entrance door.

Park home

Detached, bungalow-style property classed as a mobile home due to being built on a chassis. Built to comply with BS 3632 and designed for all-year-round living with insulation levels comparable to or better than many houses.


Space on a holiday park or residential park where a home or lodge will be sited. Usually on a concrete base.

Recommended package

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Residential park

Commercially run enterprise where park home and lodge owners are able to rent pitches. Usually used as a primary residence with the appropriate specification home. Often have a strong community between owners.
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Residential specification

Describes aholiday home, park home or lodge built to BS 3632 standard that can be used all year around. Will feature upgraded insulation and better acoustics than homes built to leisure specification.

Rigid vinyl cladding

Type of cladding used on some Willerby holiday homes and lodges. Great looking, low maintenance and long-lasting.


Any exterior wall.

Serial number

Unique number which identifies every Willerby unit. It usually consists of the following:

  • Two letters indicating the unit type (single or twin)
  • Four digits indicating the batch number
  • Two or three digits indicating the unit number within that batch
    eg. WH1234/01 describes the first single unit built in batch 1234

The serial number can usually be found on a plaque inside your boiler cupboard, on the rear exterior panel or on the chassis cross member close to the front of your home.

Single unit

Holiday home built on a single chassis, usually between 10 and 14 ft wide.


Process of installing a holiday home, park home or lodge on a pitch to prepare it for habitation. Includes levelling off, connecting utilities and (for twin units) joining the two chassis together. Siting will be arranged by your park or dealer.

Static caravan

Traditional name for what we refer to as holiday home or leisure home.

Twin unit

Holiday home built on two chassis joined together on siting, usually around 20 ft (6 m) wide. Also referred to as a lodge.

Willerby Bespoke

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Willerby GreEN standard

Willerby’s standard holiday home specification introduced in 2022 that makes homes more heat efficient and cheaper to run.
Find out more about Willerby GreEN Standard.

Willerby Owner's club

Exclusive club for any Willerby owners (including owners of old or second-hand homes) offering exciting free benefits.
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Process of preparing a holiday home for the winter. Includes drain down and turning off the electrical supply. For further information see owner's handbook.