Words of Willerby

04 January 2022

From galvanised chassis to CanExel and pitches, it might seem like we speak a different language.

We've pulled together this handy guide to help you on your journey to finding the perfect home. Here’s a list of all the key terms you might hear along the way:

Pitch - the space on a holiday park where a holiday home or lodge will be sited, typically on a concrete base.

Chassis - the steel frame upon which a holiday home or lodge is built, fitted with a towbar and wheels for transportation.

Galvanised chassis - a chassis that has been specially treated to provide enhanced protection from erosion; usually a requirement for holiday homes to be sited in coastal areas. It's also worth keeping mind that the warranty is 10 years longer than on a standard chassis.

CanExel - a premium wood composite cladding valued for its attractive appearance. Perfect for making your home feel like a lodge even if you only have the space for a single unit.

Single unit - a holiday home built on a single chassis, typically between 10 and 14ft wide.

Twin unit - a holiday home built on two chassis which are joined together upon siting, typically 20ft wide (i.e. two 10ft chassis). This is often also referred to as a lodge.

Holiday home - a commonly used name for modern static caravans, usually referring to single chassis units; sometimes used interchangeably with ‘leisure homes’.

BS3632 - the standard a ‘residential specification’ unit must be built and adhere to; enables year round use.

EN1647 - the standard a ‘leisure specification’ unit must be built and adhere to; enables seasonal use.

Static caravan - a traditional name for what is now referred to as holiday or leisure homes.

Siting - the process of securing a holiday home or lodge on a pitch to prepare it for habitation; includes leveling off, connecting the utilities, and (in the case of twin units) joining the two chassis together. The siting of your home will be arranged by the park or dealership you purchase it from.

Drain down / winterisation - the process of preparing the holiday home for the off season months, including draining down the plumbing and in some instances disconnecting the power. For more information make sure to check out the owner's handbook

Serial number - the unique number which identifies every Willerby unit, consisting of two letters dictating the type of unit (single unit/twin), a four digit number indicating the batch it was built in and a further two digits indicating the unit number within that batch (e.g. WH1234/01 would be a single unit, the first in batch 1234). This is often found on a plaque inside your boiler cupboard, on the rear exterior panel of your home, or on the chassis cross-member towards the front of your home.

Lodge - the word lodge has two meanings when used by Willerby; the first is a single unit that has been built to a higher specification than the standard (i.e. BS3632 specification and upgraded cladding), the second is as an alternative term for a twin unit.

Lodge specification - an upgrade typically applied to Willerby’s premium single units that includes upgraded cladding and BS3632 residential specification.

Nearside - the side of the holiday home or lodge with the side entrance door.

Offside - the side of the holiday home opposite the side entrance door.

Deluxe / luxury pack - a collection of popular options bundled together as a single upgrade, usually including kitchen appliances like dishwasher and washer/dryer.

All electric specification - an option that removes gas-powered appliances like the boiler and hob and replaces them with electric alternatives.

Eco-pack - an option replacing some fixtures and fittings in a holiday home with more eco-friendly alternatives, e.g. water saving showerheads and low flow toilet cisterns.

Section - An exterior wall.

Bulkhead - An interior wall.