First time buyers guide

Your step by step guide to finding the perfect holiday home for you and your family.

Keys to a new home

Taking the first step towards your holiday home dream

Owning a Willerby holiday home is so much more than four walls. It’s about having the freedom to escape, relax, explore and unwind whenever you like. It provides you with the space to create memories with family and friends which will last a lifetime.

Like the sound of this? Let’s take a look at where to start!

1. Do your research

As with any big purchase, it’s useful to do your research first. This will make the buying process more enjoyable, as you’ll understand everything when it comes to the exciting bit - choosing your home! Here’s our suggestions of things you need to consider: - Terminology- do you understand the language? - Homes available - familiarise yourself with the different products on offer. - Budget- make sure you set yourself a realistic budget. - Usage - what do you want to use your holiday home for?

030-sf-whh-astoria-lodge low res-min.jpg

2. The two P’s - park and plot

Location, Location, Location! From traditional seaside resorts to idyllic rural escapes, finding the park that’s right for you is incredibly important. Here are some of the things that are worth considering.: - Travel time - how long are you prepared to travel to get to your home? - Facilities - is there anything you can’t live without? Golf course? Swimming pool? - Local area - is there a specific town or village you want to be nearby? - Type of park - big or little? Quiet or bustling? There are lots of options. - Your plot - this ultimately defines what home you can buy so choose carefully!

Mapleton lounge

3. Find your dream home

Now you’ve found your park, it's time to choose your dream home! Every Willerby home in our range is different, meaning there is something for everyone. We have three fabulous showgrounds in Hull, Southport and Livingston where you can see a wide range of Willerby homes in the flesh! Viewing the homes, either online, or in person, really helps you to consider what your criteria is and also which optional extras you’d want to add to your home.

Brookwood dining

4. The buying process

Once you’ve found your home it’s time to place your order. Just like buying a car, you can only buy homes through your park or local dealership. Their friendly team will be on hand to help from the day you place the order to the day you get your keys and beyond. They are also responsible for arranging the delivery, siting and final inspection of your home. Download our complete first time buyers guide to understand more about what to expect from your park or distributor. Once your order is placed the only thing left for you to do is start buying the finishing touches and planning future trips. Top tip: Make sure you add any optional extras at least three months prior to the build date of your new home.

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5. Welcome to the family

Once you’ve got your keys, unpacked your bags and settled down with a cup of tea it’s time to join our owners club. It’s also a good time to familiarise yourself with your home, read our owners handbook and register the warranties for both your home and it’s appliances. The Willerby Owners Club is completely free to join and only a few clicks away. Download our complete first time buyers guide to read how much our owners love their Willerby’s.

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