Introducing the Willerby

A new holiday home specification that’s good for the planet and your pocket.


What is the GreEN standard?

The Willerby GreEN standard is our brand new holiday home specification that's both good for the environment and your pocket!

All of our 2023 holiday homes ^ are built to the Willerby GreEN Standard specification as standard.


What are the benefits?

  • Emits 250kg less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

  • Willerby GreEN Standard homes use up to 28% less energy ^^

  • They are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

  • It gives the holiday home a more robust structure

What has changed?

  • Addition of Low-E Argon gas to all windows and exterior doors

  • 100% increase in thickness of the exterior walls ^^^

  • Upgraded insulation in walls, roof and floors


Why does it matter?

The introduction of the Willerby GreEN Standard will reduce your energy costs at
a time where energy prices have significantly risen.

It'll also help you play your part in the fight against climate change.

How green is your holiday?

Here at Willerby, we believe in the importance of reducing CO2 emissions for a greener, more sustainable future.

To help you see how sustiainable your holidays are, we have created our holiday sustainability calculator.

Simply answer a series of short questions to discover the effect your holidays are having on the planet. You could even use the calculator to help plan your next trip more sustainably.


All statements above are correct when Willerby GreEN Standard holiday homes are compared to an equivalent pre-2023 EN1647 Holiday Home Specification unit

^ Due to pitch constraints our Ashurst models will not be built to the Willerby GreEN Standard specification.
^^ Figure based on a Brookwood 40ft x 12ft three-bedroom model and 90 days occupancy. Saving based on 18p per kwh.
^^^ 12ft holiday homes only