Maintaining the exterior of your holiday home

21 March 2022

So your park is back open, you’re finally able to holiday in your Willerby again, yey! After a big spring clean of your Willerby, all that is left is the exterior and you're thinking ‘should I and how do I go about cleaning it?’. Well we've gathered some information on how to maintain and clean the exterior of your holiday home when opening up your Willerby this spring.

If you haven't already had a spring clean why not read our Ultimate guide to a big spring clean blog post.

How you clean the exterior of your holiday home depends on what cladding you have on your holiday home. Before starting to clean the exterior make sure to check the type of cladding to avoid causing any damage. If you need any help with this give one of our showgrounds a call and one of our team will be more than happy to help, ensure you have your serial number so that we can check our system.

NOTE: Never use pressure washers or abrasive or solvent based cleaners. The use of these will invalidate your warranty.

Vinyl cladding:
In most cases normal rainfall is sufficient to keep vinyl cladding clean, but if your vinyl cladding should need cleaning, an occasional wash with clean water using a garden hose (not a pressure washer), with a soft bristled brush is ideal for this purpose.

Aluminium cladding:
To keep the paint work looking its best, wash regularly with water and mild soap, rinse off with clean water and then dry the cladding with a clean wash leather.

An occasional polish with a good quality wax polish will maintain a high gloss finish.

Touch-up paint for aluminium cladding can be sourced from westoby’s ( To order touch-up paint you will need to know the colour of your aluminium cladding.

Canexel cladding:
Help ensure your cladding continues to look and perform at its best by following these recommendations:

Cladding and trims should be cleaned annual as a minimum. Correct cleaning should prevent build-up of moss or mildew. If any is found, remove immediately.

  • Test cleaning products on a small area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the finish.
  • To prevent streaking, clean on a dry day and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not use a pressure washer - instead use a soft sponge with a mild diluted cleaning detergent.

Touch up paint for CanExel cladding can be sourced from Hawthorn Timber ( To order touch-up paint you will need to know the colour of your CanExel cladding.

Should you need to do any touch ups, to ensure you follow the corrct method, we suggest that you have a read page 28 of our Owners Handbook.


  • Cracked or loose caulk should be resealed with suitable sealant.
  • Keep all plants at least 300mm away from cladding, and do not allow sprinklers to spray directly onto the cladding.
  • Leave a 25mm gap between cladding and decking/walkways or any skirt base.

Exterior doors, windows and guttering:
In order to maintain appearance it will be necessary to wash the windows, doors and guttering with warm soap and water to remove surface dirt. Using soapy water for this cleaning will avoid any chance of scratching the surface. When wiping over, always use a soft cloth. The frequency of this will depend upon the local environmental conditions.

This information can also be found in your Willerby Owner’s Handbook and Warranty Information Pack