How can I get an update on an active warranty claim?

Willerby is a manufacturer of holiday homes but does not sell direct to members of the public. We trade in a similar manner to car manufacturers, who sell to dealerships who in turn sell cars to the general public. Willerby sells our homes to a network of distributors and holiday parks who then sell our homes onto the public.

This means, to ensure that the chain of contract is followed, any spares, replacements or repairs required under warranty must be organised by your park or distributor - this is similar to how warranty claims to a car manufacturer would typically be handled via the dealer who sold you the vehicle.

If required your park or distributor will raise the claim through the Willerby after sales portal, where they can see the status of the claim, responses from our aftersales team and any scheduled engineer visits or replacement/spare despatch dates.

To ensure the chain of contract is not broken, Willerby is unable to liaise directly with you, the homeowner, about a warranty claim - we will liaise with the park who are in turn responsible for updating you, as their customer.

Therefore, for an update on the status of your claim you must contact your park or distributor who will then refer to the information available to them in the after sales portal or, if required, they can speak to their contact in our after sales team directly.

This process is part of the sales agreement between Willerby and your park or distributor and must be followed to ensure the swiftest resolution to any warranty claim.

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