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Planning Your Winter Break: Family-Fun on a Shoestring

As the days turn colder and the nights turn darker, many people start to swap trips out for cosy days indoors, counting down the days until the warm sun dictates their next family adventure. Yet the truth is, winter provides a great opportunity for a fun-filled family mini-break to a British holiday home, with unrivalled family moments you’ll never forget.

What’s more, it’s a perfect opportunity for your family to escape the madness of everyday life without breaking the bank, making static caravan holidays an increasingly popular choice for British holidaymakers. So today, from prepping for the inevitable downpour to creating eternal family memories, we will show you how to plan your family winter break on a shoestring.


Embrace the rain

Ok, hear us out on this one.

The unreliability of British winter weather is unavoidable. You can wake up in the morning to crisp winter sunshine, but by lunch your sandwiches are soggy and your hair is ruined - it’s inevitable.

However, armed with some solid waterproofs and a sturdy pair of wellies, a soaking stroll can be a one-of-a-kind family activity the younger children will love. Let kids be kids and watch their smiling faces as they splash around in puddles without being told off by mum and dad. If you’re planning on taking your furry four-legged friend along with you, grant them the same privilege - if you dare!

As long as you’ve packed plenty of supplies to clean the aftermath, taking a carefree approach is a great way for you as parents to destress and have a little fun. You never know, you might even end up partaking in a bit of puddle splashing of your own!


Turn to old-school entertainment

When you’re all dried off, the beauty of a holiday home is that it brings all the family together. Without their bedrooms and games consoles, kids will look to you for entertainment - so what better activities to choose than some old-school family card and board games?

From Connect 4 to Guess Who, pack a variety of board games to keep the kids entertained while creating a unique social family environment you just don’t get at home. There’s likely to be a plethora of old board games in your basement or attic, so avoid buying new from toy stores to keep costs down.

For those travelling light, pack a deck of cards for hours of family fun. There are literally hundreds of different games to play as a family, with even the youngest children able to get involved with a simple game of Snap.


Create memories

The best part of a holiday home winter break is how it brings the family together. Whether they’re a toddler or a teen, static caravan holidays have a unique ability to create that close-knit social dynamic that often suffers from the hectic rituals of day-to-day life.

Get the campfire roaring (after checking your caravan park’s rules and guidelines, of course) and the marshmallows roasting, sharing stories, jokes and experiences, to create a family moment that will live on in the memory forever.

Following these tips will help you plan your fun-filled holiday home getaway for you and your family this winter, creating timeless memories and strengthening family bonds without breaking the bank.


Author bio:

Keith Harrison is a content creator and writer for Jolly Good Loans

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