What makes a Willerby holiday lodge so special?

20 December 2021

Owning a holiday home is the best possible way to enjoy your precious leisure time—a place to spend relaxing days and weeks, enjoying your favourite seaside spot or rustic paradise.

But even the best can be made better. That’s why we’ve created the incredible Willerby range of holiday lodges. Compared with even the finest holiday homes (which are, of course, made by Willerby), our stunning lodges are a quantum leap ahead in spaciousness, comfort and style.

Let’s explore what makes a Willerby holiday lodge so special.

An enormous difference

Walk up to a Willerby lodge, whether it’s on one of our showgrounds or your favourite holiday park, and the first thing you’ll notice is its sheer scale.

There’s room to stretch your wings here: a lodge measures up to 22 feet (6.7 metres) wide. That’s around twice the size of a standard holiday home.

Because it’s so big, each lodge is crafted in Willerby’s East Yorkshire factory, then transported to your chosen holiday park in two sections. Once on-site, expert engineers seamlessly unite the halves and fit the lodge to your exact specification. Working this way enables us to make every Willerby lodge unique.

Limitless possibilities

If your vision of holiday park living is of an enjoyable but slightly cramped experience, it’s time for a rethink.

The extra capacity you’ll find in a lodge isn’t just a question of scale. It’s also about design freedom. The bigger dimensions give the talented Willerby design team the scope to create something truly fabulous. As a result, there’s a beautiful sense of uncluttered space and oodles of natural light.

Our roomy lodges are perfect for socialising and entertaining with family, friends and neighbours. Ideal, too, for allowing everyone to relax— reading quietly while others watch TV or play games, for example.

Superior interiors

Step inside a typical Willerby holiday lodge, and you’ll find a sweeping open-plan lounge, bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and en suites, a luxury family bathroom, and a kitchen packed with futuristic integrated appliances.

Whether your decor is contemporary or more of a country cottage feel, the furnishings ooze quality and style. For instance, you can choose between luxury fitted carpets or solid floors. The same goes for any upholstery and fabrics — it’s entirely your choice.

Warmth and comfort

Warmth is essential to your comfort when holidaying in the UK, so you’ll appreciate having central heating throughout. We fit A-rated smart combi boilers as standard, and electric heating systems are also available.

Staying connected is vital these days, and that means keeping multiple devices charged. It’s not a problem when every Willerby lodge features conveniently located USB sockets.

In the mood for even more pampering? Further optional extras include:

Integrated Bluetooth™ sound system
Luxury bedding packs
Simply Sleep Better Hypno® mattress upgrades
Hot tubs

Energy efficiency

Costs are rising, and the planet needs protecting. That’s why it’s vital to use energy as sparingly as possible. Our holiday lodges’ efficiency ratings are some of the best around. Windows with the highest specification are fitted as standard on every model, helping to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. They also minimise noise all year round.

And there’s no need to worry about frozen pipes ruining your holiday fun with our clever trace heating option. This runs a self-regulating heating cable along exposed pipes.

Guaranteed built to last

The NCC (National Caravan Council) sets very high standards for holiday lodges, but we don’t just follow them; we exceed them. Above and beyond is the Willerby way.

For example, smoke alarms and CO2 detectors are fitted throughout to keep you and your family safe, while all furnishings and upholstery are flame retardant.

With weatherproof roofs, resilient cladding in a choice of finishes, and our galvanised durable chassis system, we make sure your Willerby holiday lodge stands up to the rigours of constant use in all weathers. So expect year after year of trouble-free holidaying.

That’s why Willerby warranties are the most comprehensive in the industry. We know you’re making a significant long-term investment when buying a holiday lodge, so we ensure you can do so with total peace of mind.

Find out more now

Ready for more detail about holiday lodges with the Willerby difference? Head over to our website, and you’ll see that there’s no “one lodge fits all” thinking with us.

We know that people’s tastes and needs vary. That’s why we offer four different models in lodges alone, plus the even more luxurious Willerby Bespoke option.

You’ll learn that the biggest Willerby difference of them all is... we listen. Willerby owners give us lots of feedback, and we incorporate those insights into every beautiful holiday lodge we create.