Is buying a holiday lodge a good investment?

27 October 2020

Is buying a holiday lodge a good investment?

A holiday lodge could be described as a static caravan on steroids. A park home that has grown up, spread its wings and been treated to a five-star makeover. Owners love their lodge for its spaciousness and shameless sense of style.

None of this comes cheap of course. A lodge is a significant investment, but is it a wise one?

The short answer is Yes, and in this article we explore why from a number of angles. But let's start by clarifying exactly what a lodge is. How do lodges differ from other types of leisure home?

Is it a lodge or a park home?

Size is the key difference that makes everything else possible. A lodge is what's known in the industry as a "double unit". It arrives on the site as two halves, which are expertly united and fitted out on the spot.

As a result, lodges can be up to 6.7 metres (22 feet) wide. Compare that with a park home's maximum width of just over 4.2 metres or 14 feet. That's a lot of extra space for the brilliant Willerby design team to work their magic - filling your holiday lodge with luxurious features without clutter, and creating a wonderful sense of light and space.

Furthermore, many of the standard Willerby holiday home models, such as Avonmore, Winchester, Sheraton, Waverley, Vogue Classique and Vogue Nouveau, can also be adapted to become your dream home away from home. You'll be amazed by list of optional extras and customisable features.

Do holiday lodges hold their value?

Your new holiday lodge is an investment in your quality of life. One that will pay dividends for years to come. So, while it may not hold all its value, it will still prove an excellent investment over the years.

Remember, too, that lodges, especially Willerby lodges, are built to last, with a trouble-free lifespan of at least 80 years. Resale value is unlikely to be an issue.

Save on travel costs

If you are used to holidays abroad, investing in a lodge can save you a fortune on travel. And you'll escape from those long, delay-filled days hanging around airports.

Save on upkeep, maintenance and bills

Lodges are generally built to BS3632. This is the standard for permanent residences, so build quality and energy efficiency are assured. Your lodge will be fully furnished to an exceptional standard, complete with a stylish fitted kitchen, walk-in wardrobes, en suite bathrooms - maybe even a hot tub on the veranda. Feel free to add a garage and create a garden.

Even the most luxurious lodge is a much simpler structure than any brick-built property, and therefore much easier to keep in good condition. Compared to a conventional second home, you'll save massively on maintenance over the years.

Make your lodge make money

A holiday lodge in a beautiful location, with every home comfort in place, is something other people will enjoy as much as you do. Renting the lodge out between your visits is a simple way to generate income. Painless too, because your park owner will probably do most of the work.

And right now is the perfect time to consider making your holiday home pay its way. After Brexit and Covid-19, staycations have never been so attractive to so many people.

Furthermore, some of the nation's most spectacular views are in places where bricks-and-mortar properties are either not permitted or prohibitively expensive. Now more than ever, your desirable holiday lodge can be a money-making asset.

Choose a made to order lodge and you'll have even greater freedom to create your dream holiday home exactly as you want it. Find out more about Willerby bespoke lodges.