Swimming pool
Cafe / restaurant
WiFi access
Children’s play area
Beach / coastal location
Pet friendly
Aria Resorts

12 month season

The quiet atmosphere of Newperran makes it the perfect location for a break from the day to day with a 12 month season for owners. The on-resort facilities provide you with everything you’ll need right on your doorstep. From the Sunset Bar and Eatery, a playground and skate park to entertain the younger ones, and a swimming pool for a few early morning laps or a quick dip at the end of a hot day. With beautifully landscaped plots available, you can take your pick of luxury holiday caravans or supersized lodges. Newperran has a managed lettings service so you can earn a few extra pennies when you’re not making the most of your caravan or lodge. Also welcoming a shiny new development, we’ll be saying hello to 48 new plots with some sea views that you’ll never tire of!

Aria Resorts

Whatever your ideal way to recharge, Aria Resort’s peaceful places to stay in Cornwall, Dorset, the Isle of Wight, Scotland and Yorkshire have you covered.

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