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Sport courts
Cafe / restaurant
Onsite shop
WiFi access
Children’s play area
Pet friendly
Away Resorts

Lakeside paradise

Launch into a lakeside paradise in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside, adventure awaits on the glistening lake! Say goodbye to traffic-dodging and hello to duck-dodging as you water ski, wakeboard or jet ski your way around these beautiful waterscapes. Bounce around the Aqua Park, make some waves on the water and join in on the action with the ultimate getaway. With a stage area for entertainment, bars a plenty, large dining areas, even replica WWII land rover, covered outdoor play area, rest assured knowing that both you and the kids will be well and truly worn out by the end of each day. So whether you're opening the door to your own holiday lodge, sending spray across the lake or sitting back and taking it all in, you’ll find comfort and adventure right at the waters’ edge. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or inner serenity, we’ll tailor you the perfect break for every last one of your troupe so no one misses out on the fun - you’ll be returning to Tattershall Lakes time and time again, like so many of our guests.