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    National read a book day

    On Sunday the 6th of September, pour yourself a cup of tea, find a cosy spot and curl up with a good book because it is Read A Book Day!

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    Back to school… back to normality?

    With back to school comes back to normality…well sort of!  

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    The Best Late Summer and Autumn Activities in the South West

    As the summer holidays draw to a close and autumn is just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of activities you can still get involved in!

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    Holidays of the future: Here’s what to expect in 2070

    Staycations are booming and the trend certainly won’t be slowing down any time soon, as Brits take some well-needed rest and recuperation and are heading to…

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    Can you get a mortgage to buy a park home?

    A beautiful park home in your favourite scenic spot is a dream more and more people share.

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    What is a Holiday Lodge?

    Whenever you see or hear the phrase holiday lodge, another word is never far away from the conversation: Luxury.  

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