Downsizing made easy

04 November 2022

Downsizing shouldn’t be about compromise. It should be about discovering a home that’s right for you.

Here at Willerby Bespoke, we want to make that journey as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve pulled together a Q&A that will hopefully help to answer some of those all-important questions and help you to truly understand the benefits of park home living.

How do you start the process of downsizing your home?

The best place to start is by establishing exactly what you are looking for. What would your next home ideally look like? How much storage space do you need? Would you like an additional bedroom for guests? Where in the country would you like to live?

If you are searching for single-level living situated in a community of like minded individuals then park home living could be right for you.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you are looking for it’s time to set a budget. As well as accessing your finances, getting an valuation of any property that you are looking to sell will help you to establish a budget.

What are the benefits of downsizing?

There are many benefits to downsizing to a smaller property. Often a driving factor behind making this decision is that the move allows you to release equity making you financially more comfortable and allowing you to truly enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

It can also mean that you can move to an area of the country that you previously couldn’t afford. That dream of living in the countryside or by the coast can finally become a reality.

For those seeking a more relaxed way of living, a smaller property can mean less maintenance. Less time spent gardening, cleaning, and doing DIY. It can also mean a reduced amount of clutter as the process allows you a chance to review your belongings and have a really good clear out.

How do I find the perfect location?

With over 2000 parks across the UK, there are lots of places to live. Whether you want to be in the countryside, by the sea or close to a town packed with local amenities there is a residential park home out there for you. What’s even better is our helpful team are on hand to help you find that perfect park.

It’s also worth checking out the find a park section of our website.

What is a park home?

Park homes are a low maintenance property with low running costs and single-level living. These detached, bungalow-style properties are classed as mobile homes. Built to comply with British building standards (BS 3632), park homes are designed to be lived in permanently with insulation levels comparable or often better than many houses. It’s an affordable property solution compared to a conventional house of a similar size.

What are the advantages of park home living?

Park homes offer the opportunity to retreat to a beautiful, quieter location with like-minded, friendly communities of similar aged residents. Parks are safe and secure, many with gated entrances and park wardens on site for peace of mind.

Is the land leasehold or freehold?

Park homes are neither leasehold or freehold as the land they are situated on remains the property of the site owner. The park home itself is yours outright however the land itself is not, so under the terms of your site agreement, you pay an annual ‘ground rent’ on the land. This monthly fee is often used towards site maintenance for communal land and facilities. Ground rent can be increased annually however under the Mobile Homes Act 2013 this can not exceed the rate of RIP. The park must also provide notice in writing of any changes.

Are park homes expensive to run?

Utility costs are comparably cheap when compared to that of a conventional home. Park homes are also always classed as a Band A council tax property which is the cheapest band.

What’s the guarantee on my home?

All our homes come with a 10-year GoldShield warranty. This is similar to the NHBC Buildmark warranty that is provided with new build homes. Alongside this you will have residential rights covered by the Mobile Homes Act 2013.

Willerby Bespoke park homes are designed to last a lifetime when they are maintained correctly.