Why is the Oslo Wall System™ a key feature of our Park Homes?

04 March 2021

If you’re researching residential park homes, you might be wary about buying a property that doesn’t offer year-round warmth. After all, when it's wintry outside, you’ll want to feel just as cosy as you would in a bricks-and-mortar home.

The good news is that better thermal performance is guaranteed when you choose a Willerby bespoke park home. That’s thanks to our unique Oslo Wall System™, which exceeds many BS3632 requirements.

What is the Oslo Wall System™?

Most holiday homes and lodges have walls made with hardboard or plywood. These materials are sufficient for the most part, especially if you only plan to take breaks in the warmer months. But if you’re downsizing to a permanent property on a residential park you can't afford to compromise on comfort. Insist on nothing less than domestic-grade insulation.

The Oslo Wall System™ offers just that. The tried and trusted technology has been used in the house building industry for many years, and now Willerby has pioneered its use in park homes. You can liken some aspects of technology to plasterboard, providing added strength to your walls without extra weight. This stuff is just as light as it is durable!

The most obvious benefit of extra wall strength is that you can redecorate as many times as you wish. Simply paper or paint walls when you’re tired of old colour schemes, or touch up dated spots with ease. Want to hang a picture, mirror, or other decorative items on your wall? No problem. The Oslo Wall System™ holds nails and screws securely with no need for additional reinforcement. You’ll never have to worry about your prized possessions falling off.

Perhaps one less visible advantage of the Oslo Wall System™ is heat retention. In the next section, we’ll talk a little bit about how it keeps both your energy bills and room temperature in check.

The science behind the Oslo Wall System™

Think of our Oslo Wall System™ as a sandwich, consisting of finely tuned layers that each add further protection. The bread is the exterior cladding and inner paintable Oslo board. In-between you’ll find the following high tech filling:

  • 18mm x 38mm Tanalised lath
  • Breather membrane
  • 11mm OSB sterling board
  • 75mm RW3 rockwool insulation
  • Timber frame 89mm x 38mm
  • Vapour control membrane

All these layers work together to offer better energy efficiency as well as firm wall support. What does that mean for you? Well, the Oslo Wall System™ is so robust that it gives homeowners 20 percent improved thermal performance compared to plasterboard. That means cheaper energy bills and improved heat retention — especially during the colder months.

You’ll also get better thermal conductivity, bending strength, base material construction, and sound absorption — perfect for those late nights hosting friends and family.

Here’s a rundown of what the Oslo Wall System™ offers:

  • PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).
  • Twice the bending strength and resistance to fracture failure, compared to plasterboard.
  • 60-year lifespan.
  • Strong interlocking mechanical joint system resists panel movement and brittle finish defects during siting settlement.
  • Meets or exceeds all BS3632 requirements.
  • Improved low-frequency sound absorption (250-500Hz).
  • Improved high-frequency sound absorption (1000-2000Hz).
  • Does not require special wall fixings.
  • RH and moisture resistance matched plasterboard.
  • Thin plaster skim has low resistance to cracking, site settlement, and transportation.

Which Willerby homes feature this wall system?

You’ll be pleased to learn that all our bespoke park homes feature the Oslo Wall System™. So, whether you choose the delightful Delamere or contemporary Charnwood range, you’ll benefit from better thermal performance.

What’s more, our composite floor systems keep your feet toasty with 18mm moisture-resistant chipboard, while the super warm roof is finished in a breathable membrane. These work alongside the Oslo Wall System™ to create airtight park homes that retain more heat and reduce energy bills.

Want to see some figures? Willerby park homes have an estimated running cost of just £1.37 a day (calculated using EPC/SAP method and mains gas). Compare this to a typical 1960’s bungalow that averages £2.65 over the same period. It’s clear to see why our bespoke park homes are so popular.

Why not come and see for yourself? Call today to book a showground visit or discuss bespoke designs with our team. We’re here to build your dream home for your dream setting. You can also find more information about the Oslo Wall System™ here.