Willerby Gender Pay Gap Report April 2017

Willerby Ltd is required by law to publish an annual Gender Pay Gap Report. This is our report based on our people data on 5th April 2017. The Gender Pay Gap is the difference in pay between women and men across an organisation and different to equal pay which relates to men and women in comparable roles receiving the same pay

  • The mean gender pay gap relates to the difference in average hourly pay for women compared to men and for Willerby Ltd is 4.7% - meaning that men are paid more than women
  • The median gender pay gap shows the difference in the midpoint of women’s pay in comparison to men’s, for Willerby Ltd this is 24.5%. – meaning that men are paid more than women 
  • The mean gender bonus gap for Willerby Ltd is (199.5%) as women are paid on average a higher Bonus than men .
  • The median gender bonus gap for Willerby Ltd is (233.3%) as the midpoint for Bonus payments for women is higher than that for men.

The proportion of male employees in Willerby receiving a bonus is 93.2% and the proportion of female employees receiving a bonus is 93.8%.

Pay quartiles by gender

The pay quartiles represent four equal pay groups from lowest to highest and the distribution of men and women in each

Band Males Females Description
A 76.3% 23.7% Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them at or below the lower quartile
B 95.8% 4.2% Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the lower quartile but at or below the median
C 94.4% 5.6% Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the median but at or below the upper quartile
D 90.7% 9.3% Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the upper quartile

The figures set out above have been calculated using the standard methodologies used in the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Why we have a Gender Pay Gap?

Willerby Ltd is confident that its gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for the same or equivalent work. Rather that it’s gender pay gap is the result of the roles in which men and women work within the organisation and the salaries that these roles attract. We are a manufacturing company with 96% of roles within our factory taken by men. In our support roles, 52% of roles are taken by women.

How does Willerby Ltd’s compare with other organisations?

The 2017 National Average (Median) Gender Pay Gap in the UK is 18.4%.

The vast majority of organisations have a gender pay gap, and although Willerby Ltd does have a higher median Gender Pay Gap than the national average we are taking positive steps to reduce this.

What is Willerby Ltd doing to address its gender pay gap?

Willerby Ltd sees the introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting as a positive and has already taken the following steps to promote gender diversity in all areas of its workforce: 

  • Commitment to flexible working: In June 2017 Willerby Limited revised its Flexible Working Policy which has been positively received in the workplace. We have had an increase in Maternity leavers returning on flexible working arrangement and a positive step change in culture regarding flexible working. Our policy exists to give employees from all areas the opportunity to request flexible working to fit around their family commitments. 
  • Willerby Talent Council: In 2018 Willerby Ltd launched it’s Talent Council aimed at our senior talent in the business. This has given the Company an opportunity to really support and nurture key individuals in the business and develop succession plans for Willerby Ltd in the future. Of the individuals selected 52% are Women. Given the ratio of male to female in the business this is a fantastic step forward for the business. 
  • Bonus Schemes: Willerby operates a company wide Christmas bonus scheme and also has a Performance Based Bonus scheme for senior members of the team. The scheme pays a bonus based on an individual’s achievement of set Objectives relevant to their role and as such is driving the higher overall bonus payment to women within the business.
  • Graduate Development Programme: 2017 saw the launch of Willerby’s Graduate programme and to date 100% of our Graduate roles are filled by female employees. The aim of the programme going forward is to work with local Universities to build relationships and continue to bring talent into the business. 
  • Pay Evaluation: In 2017 the Company undertook a full pay evaluation across the business for Monthly paid employees. This was to ensure a fair and consistent pay scale for all roles and to ensure that salaries are appropriate for the role, level of experience and technical skillset.

I, Susan Allan, Group Finance Director, confirm that the information in this statement is accurate.

Signed: Susan Allan
Date: 4th April 2018

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