Willerby Gender Pay Report October 2021 

Willerby Ltd is required by law to publish an annual Gender Pay Report. This our report based on  our people data on the 5th April 2020. The Gender Pay Gap is the difference in pay between men  and women across an organisation. This differs to Equal pay, which is the measure of how men and  women in comparable roles are paid.i 

The mean gender pay gap relates to the difference in average hourly pay for women compared to  men. For Willerby Ltd the mean gender pay gap is 8.6% – meaning that men are paid more than  women. For every £1 that a man receives at Willerby Ltd a woman receives 91p. 

The median gender pay gap shows the difference in the midpoint of women’s pay in comparison to  men’s, for Willerby Ltd this is 3.4% meaning that men are paid more than women. For every £1  that a man receives at Willerby a woman receives 96p. 

The mean gender bonus gap for Willerby Limited is 57.34% as men are paid on average a higher  bonus than women. 

The median gender bonus gap for Willerby Ltd is 0% meaning that the midpoint for bonus is the  same for men and women. 

The percentage of men receiving a bonus is 17.52% and the percentage of women receiving a bonus  is 67.57%, therefore you are more likely to receive a bonus at Willerby Ltd if you are a woman. At  Willerby Ltd the female population is concentrated in administrative and professional services  salaried roles that are more likely to attract bonus. 

Pay quartiles by gender 

The pay quartiles represent four pay groups from lowest to highest and the distribution of men and  women in each




Upper Hourly Pay Quarter



Upper Middle Hourly Pay Quarter



Lower Middle Hourly Pay Quarter



Lower Hourly Pay Quarter



Total population (heads considered) gender mx 23% 77%

Why we have a Gender Pay Gap? 

Willerby Ltd is confident that its gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women  differently for the same of equivalent work. Rather that it its gender pay gap is the result of the roles  in which men and women work within the organisation and the salaries that these roles attract. 

How does Willerby compare? 

The gender pay gap among all employees nationally in April 2020 was 15.5% (Office for National  Statistics ASHE and Labour force surveys) in comparison to Willerby Ltd which is 8.6% (mean gender  pay gap). 

What is Willerby Ltd doing to address its gender pay gap? 

Willerby Ltd sees the introduction of Gender Pay reporting as a positive step and continues to  promote gender diversity in all areas of its workforce: 

Commitment to flexible working. Willerby Ltd operates a Flexible Working Policy which is  positively received in the workplace. We have had an increase in individuals working flexibly  in different areas of the business and have opportunities for hybrid (home and workplace)  working. Our policy exists to give employees from all areas of the business the opportunity  to request flexible working to fit around family commitments. This is a positive step change  in culture regarding flexible working. 

Willerby Talent Council. Willerby Ltd continues with its Talent Council aimed at our senior  talent in the business. This forum continues to give the Company an opportunity to really  support and nurture key individuals in the business and develop succession plans for  Willerby Ltd in the future.  

Succession Planning: Further work on succession planning across the whole site now takes  place as part of our organisational review. Plans are being further developed as we  understand our gaps within our succession plan in comparison to our current organisational  structure. 

Diversity and inclusion: Willerby Ltd have expanded it’s monitoring to further understand  the make up and needs or our employee population to support us in further developing our  attraction, engagement and retention strategies. 

i On the 24th March 2020 Willerby Ltd was impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic and furloughed 86% of it’s employee  population. Therefore, as per the rules on gender pay reporting the snapshot of 5th April 2020 includes 14% of the Willerby  headcount as full pay relevant employees.

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