First Time Buyers Guide

Your step by step guide to choosing the perfect holiday home for you

Imagine the freedom of owning your very own holiday home in a perfect location and being able to get away whenever you like. Relax in your luxury static caravan or lodge, spend time with your family and create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Like the sound of this but not sure where to start? We have put together a handy step-by-step guide to choosing and buying a holiday home for the first time.

  1. Doing your research
  2. Finding your ideal park
  3. Choosing your ideal home
  4. Choosing your plot
  5. Buying and delivery 


Do your research

As with any big purchase, it’s useful to do your research first. This will make the buying process more enjoyable as you’ll understand everything when it comes to the exciting bit - looking for a park and choosing your home. 
One of the first things to get to grips with as a first-time buyer is to learn more about some of the key terms you will hear. This includes understanding the difference between a caravan and a lodge and familiarising yourself with other terms such as static, pitch, park, plot and site fees. You can read here in our blog what these terms, and more, mean. 
It’s also a good idea to research insurance policies and the different options available to you. You can buy through parks or take out your own policy. 
Be clear on how parks and homes are costed. As we’ll explain in more detail, the cost of a home is dependent on the park you choose, so you need to price up the whole package. 
You should also have an idea of how you’re going to purchase your home. You can finance holiday homes or buy outright and there are some mortgage lenders who have specialist products for holiday lets. 
Finally, what are your plans for your home? Will you be letting it out? Look at average rental prices in the area as well as the competition. You’ll also need to bear this in mind when speaking to parks and planning insurance. 
With all this new knowledge you’re set to find the right home and park for you. 


Find your ideal park

Location, location, location is a well-known phrase and so important in many ways, so here are some things to think about when deciding where to locate your holiday home.

Where do you want to go on holiday and what are you likely to be doing? Think about whether you’d be happy to travel six hours for a weekend away, would rather visit the seaside and play on the beach, or be tucked away in the countryside and walk the dog? If you’re going to be staying in your holiday home frequently, make sure you’re happy with the travel time and local facilities.

Once you’ve decided on a location, you need to narrow your search to some specific parks.

Think about who will be staying in your new holiday home and what factors are most important to you and them.

Are you looking for somewhere primarily adult orientated or will you have children enjoying your holiday home with you and want plenty of activities and entertainment for them? Will you be bringing a four-legged friend? Do you need to consider accessibility for anybody with limited mobility? Are the local amenities you need close enough to the park? If you enjoy an evening walk to the pub or if you like to be near a supermarket, make sure these facilities are close to your chosen park.

You can do some initial research to check out the facilities on site and then once you’ve narrowed it down, why not visit some parks that you like the look of? It’s good to pay a visit in person and have a walk around. Even better, book a visit to stay over.

Depending on where you are in the UK, you will see a big differences in the price of parks. Those in prime, tourist locations, national parks or right on the beach will charge more.

Before you make a final choice, also find out what’s included in the park fees, and ask how your gas and electricity bills will be calculated. Every park charges fees but they differ.

We’ve compiled a handy guide of what to ask a park before you buy which you can find here. You can even print it off and take it with you.

You can also use our handy search tool to find parks in your chosen location now.

Finally, don’t forget to check that your chosen park is part of either the BH&HPA (British Holiday & Home Parks Association) or The NCC, who represent and serve holiday home and park members.


Choosing your ideal home

Now your park is decided it’s time to choose your dream home.

How should your first holiday home look? Looking at models is a great place start. Using our handy tool here, you can find all the models available and see which ones work best for you and your budget. But don’t forget you can customise many aspects of your home after this.  

Think about things such as:

  • How many bedrooms or sofa beds do you need?
  • Do you need a wheelchair friendly home?
  • Does it need to be pet friendly?
  • Do you want a bigger kitchen or living space?
  • Do you want an en-suite, french doors, king size bed, all three?
  • What integrated appliances would you want in the kitchen?

You may be able to find a home already built that has everything you need.  Parks and dealers may also have homes ready to go, so you may be able to buy straight away and not wait for delivery.

If you want to create your own, one of the benefits of purchasing a Willerby is that you can tailor it to suit your needs and create your very own home away from home. Simply look at what features come as standard then think about anything else you may need as you can include these as optional extras.

We care about your comfort too - many extras, that other manufacturers charge for, come as standard in a Willerby, so make sure you really are comparing like for like. This could be anything from integrated appliances to energy efficient double glazing. It’s often the little details that really make your holiday home special.

There are plenty of tools available that will help you to do initial research online but once you have an idea, it’s best to go and look at homes in person. Visit one of our showgrounds in Scotland or Hull and step inside some of our models so you can really get a feel for your new holiday home.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with our showground team seven days a week by email or phone. To speak to our team in Hull call 01482 717599 or for Scotland call 01506 811247 or email


Choose your plot

Remember, you might be in the same plot for a few years so choose one that meets your current and future needs.

Whether you’re looking for a quieter area of the park, you want to be close to other young families and the playground, or you like waking up to a beautiful view, the plot you choose can make all the difference.

Where you are located in the park will also affect your final price - that dreamy sea or lake view will cost more so you need to factor this into your final budget.

Also consider the space you will need around the exterior of home. If you want a decked outdoor space for example or a small patio area then this will need to be within your plot space.

Where your home is placed on the park will also affect how close you can park your car. Some areas of parks will have communal parking areas whereas others will have parking spaces directly outside.

Finally ask about the general maintenance around your plot to find out whether you need to maintain your plot throughout the year, or if the park will do this as part of your fees.

You may well be able to move plots in your park but only when one becomes available and you will need to pay to have your home moved.


Buying & delivery

You have your location, park, perfect home and plot. You’re ready to go.

Just like buying a car, you can only buy homes from dealerships or parks themselves. You can’t buy directly from us (the manufacturers).

Remember if you’re financing your home to have your agreement confirmed and all the necessary paperwork for the park or dealership.

If you buy through a park and have chosen a home that already sits on site, then you don’t need to worry about delivery, and the park will arrange for it to be placed on your plot.

If you have bought off site or from a dealership then you’ll need to pay to have your home delivered.

Your dealer or delivery company will confirm timings so you know when it’ll be in place and ready for your first holiday in your new home!

If you need more information or have any questions about our homes, call 01482 717599 and our friendly team will be happy to answer all your questions.