First Time Buyers Guide

Your step by step guide to owning a luxury static caravan

Imagine the freedom of owning your very own holiday home in a perfect location, and being able to get away whenever you like. Relax in your luxury caravan, spend time with your family and create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We have put together some useful tips for you to consider when buying a holiday home for the first time.


Getting to know us

Owning your own holiday home or lodge doesn’t have to be confusing; here at Willerby, we have been manufacturing luxury holiday homes and lodges for over 70 years. We’ve even created the UK’s first caravan for our four legged friends!

Willerby holiday homes are luxurious static caravans, which are perfectly designed to maximise space for your ultimate comfort. They also come fully furnished, with many of the appliances integrated.

The prices listed on all manufacturers websites shows an RRP, although you are unable to buy from them directly; like a car manufacturer, you have to purchase via a distributor or from a park. As such,  you will be quoted a package price that includes your new home, transportation, siting, park fees and the location. Location and your choice of park, plays a significant factor on the final price you will pay. Read on further to find out more.

For your peace of mind, all Willerby models exceed legislation requirements set by British Standards and the National Caravan Council (NCC). All 2018 models come with energy efficient double glazing as standard and have multiple optional extras available, so you can customise your new holiday home.


Find your ideal home

As you know, when buying your first luxury caravan or holiday lodge there are lots of things to consider; so we’ve come up with some things for you to think about before making your purchase.

How much can you afford to spend on your first holiday home? Remember, you will have annual park fees and the cost of your static caravan will vary, depending on the park and the location you choose to situate your Willerby.

How should the inside of your first caravan or holiday lodge look? One of the benefits of purchasing a Willerby is that it can be customised from the outside, all the way down to integrated appliances. So, whether it's wheelchair access you need, or dog-friendly features for your four-legged friend, you can tailor it to suit your needs and create your very own home away from home.

If you are happy with what you see and don’t want to change anything, often parks and dealers will have bought homes in advance, so you may be able to buy straight away and not wait for delivery. Really, it is all about you; it’s a big investment so we want you to be happy!

Other things to consider are, who will be staying in your Willerby when you go on holiday? Don’t worry about having extra beds for family and friends who ‘might’ go on holiday with you, accommodate for those you know will be staying frequently; the majority of our homes come with a sofa bed for those occasional visitors.

What equipment and facilities are included in your new holiday home? Look at what features come as standard in our holiday homes and lodges and think about anything else you may need as you can include these as additional extras. We care about your comfort - many extras, that other manufacturers charge for,  come as standard in a Willerby, so make sure you really are comparing like for like. This could be anything from integrated appliances to chrome sockets.  It’s often the little details that really make your static caravan a real home from home.

If you make these considerations before buying your first static caravan or luxury lodge, you can be sure to choose a holiday home which will make you very happy for many years to come. 

Not quite sure which holiday home or lodge is for you? We’ve created a tool which will help to find homes based on your needs, or you can contact us for more information. Let our holiday homes and luxury lodges speak for themselves. Visit one of our showgrounds in Scotland or Hull and step inside some of our models so you can really get a feel for your new holiday home.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with our showground team seven days a week by email or phone, details are at the end of the guide.


Find your ideal park

Once you’ve found your perfect home it’s time to choose your dream location, so here are some things to think about when deciding where to locate your holiday home.

Where do you want to go on holiday? Think about whether you’d be happy to travel 6 hours for a weekend away, would rather visit the seaside or be tucked away in the countryside. If you’re going to be staying in your Willerby frequently, make sure you’re happy with the travel time and local scenery.

What do you want to do when you go on holiday? If you love quiet walks with the dogs, maybe you should consider a location with lots of scenic routes for walking. Or, if you have a young family who enjoy spending time at the beach, then maybe a seaside town with local tourist attractions would be perfect.

Are the local amenities you need close enough to the park? If you enjoy an evening walk to the pub or if you like to be near a supermarket, make sure these facilities are close to your chosen park.

Do you need to pay park fees? Every park charges fees and sometimes they will even provide offers within the fees. Before you choose a park, find out what’s included, and ask how your gas and electricity bills will be calculated if you decide to situate your holiday home there.

Location, location, location is a well-known phrase and so important in many ways. Depending on where you are in the UK, can see big differences in the price; also, where you are located in the park can affect your final price - that dreamy sea or lake view can cost more so you need to factor this into your final budget.

Once you’ve decided on a location for your Willerby, visit some parks that you like the look of so you can get a good sense of the atmosphere, and make sure they have all of the facilities you are looking for. Walk around, book a visit or stay over to help you consider potential plots and make sure your chosen park has everything you want to make your holidays memorable for years to come.

Are you ready to start looking for a park for your first holiday home or lodge? Use our handy search tool to find parks in your chosen location now and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your options.


Consider the little things

Once you’ve found your ideal park, it’s time to think about the smaller things which can make all of the difference.

Choosing your plot

Remember, you might be in the same plot for a few years so choose one that meets your current and future needs.

Whether you’re looking for a quieter area of the park, you want to be close to other young families and the playground, or you like waking up to a beautiful view, the plot you choose can make all the difference.

It’s also worth asking about the general maintenance around your plot to find out whether you need to maintain your plot throughout the year, or if the park will do this as part of your fees.

Legal requirements

Although you might already have a TV licence at your main address, you may need to get an additional licence if someone will be using your TV at home whilst you are on holiday.

It is also worth considering taking out an insurance policy on your holiday home or luxury lodge to cover you against damage; there are lots of policies available for you to choose from.

For your own peace of mind, check that your chosen park is part of either the BH&HPA (British Holiday & Home Parks Association) or The NCC, who represent and serve holiday home and park members. It is also worth reading some TripAdvisor reviews and checking out the Visit England Holiday Park rating to see whether the quality and standard of your chosen park meets your needs.

Buying options

When you buy your first static caravan you will purchase it directly from a distributor or your chosen park, not from us at Willerby. There might be different buying options available to suit your needs, such as finance packages,  but this will depend on the individual park or dealer.

For any other questions about buying or owning your first caravan, visit our FAQs page or contact us here.


Live your dream

Once you’ve found the perfect holiday home and park, simply speak to the park or dealer and order your home. All that’s left to do is collect your keys, put your feet up and enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our range of holiday homes and lodges now to find your perfect holiday retreat.

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