Help with repairing or renovating your Willerby’s

23 April 2024

We’re excited to announce that our customer support team is launching a new service to assist you further with the maintenance and repairs of Willerby holiday homes and lodges.

As well as offering you the opportunity to purchase spare parts, we can now assist you with carrying out essential repairs or renovating your existing Willerby homes.

Moreover, all work undertaken by Willerby will be covered by a one-year warranty period from the date it was carried out, and any existing warranty on your home will not be affected.

What we can help with

Whether you're preparing a home for resale, getting it in tip-top condition ahead of the fleet season or simply repairing a home following storm damage, our highly-trained and experienced engineers are now available to hire. We supply the parts* and the labour - handling all the stress with our one-stop shop.

How to make a request

To request a quote, please visit our aftersales portal today and submit a chargeable request on the system. Remember to include as much information as possible about the job you’re asking us to quote for, including the serial number of the home.

*All parts are subject to availability. Spare parts for homes over five years old may be limited due to material availability - in this instance, there may be alternatives available for you to choose from.