50 questions to ask a holiday park (expert guide)

07 January 2022

Buying a holiday home is an exciting venture and we’re confident that your new purchase will bring you and your family many years of enjoyment. But if you’re a first time buyer or you’re moving parks for the first time, it’s likely you’re finding the whole experience a tad overwhelming.

No doubt you’re thinking... “How do I pay for the holiday home? What are the park fees? What happens if I decide the holiday home isn’t right for me?”

Fortunately, if you are overwhelmed by the whole experience, we can guarantee that most of your worries can be solved by visiting one of our approved holiday parks.

To help you get the most out of your park visit, here are fifty of the most important questions to ask before buying a static caravan.

Site Fees

  1. Are there any site fees?
    Almost every park will have site or pitch fees. The fees go towards financing the maintenance of the park, upkeep of facilities and park staff wages.

  2. What does the site fee cover?
    Park facilities and services can vary depending on the site fee. Enquire with the park about the full range of services available.

  3. Can I pay my site fees in installments?
    If you’re worried about paying the site fee in a lump sum, you’ll be happy to know that most parks offer monthly payments plans. Enquire with the park about finance options.

  4. How often do site fees increase?
    Site fees can occasionally increase due to things like inflation and park investment. Enquire with the park about the possibility of site fee increases in the near future.

  5. Are there any additional charges?
    Wherever you choose to pitch your new holiday home there will always be annual running costs. These will include insurance, local authority rates and safety tests. All our approved parks will be able to advise you on additional charges.

Your Holiday Home
6. What holiday home models do you supply?
Holiday parks should offer a range of models to suit all tastes and budgets. If you know your basic requirements, why not try our Find My Ideal Home tool. Automatically filtering out any properties that don’t match your criteria, the tool can help give you an idea of the type, size and quality of holiday home you can afford.

  1. How much would I have to spend?
    Holiday home prices will vary from park to park. Again, all our approved holiday parks will offer a range of homes to suit all budgets and will be able to provide an up to date price list.

  2. How can I pay for my new home?
    Do you need to pay full price upfront? Does the park offer finance options? Some parks will offer a variety of payment plans while other parks will expect payment upfront.

  3. Can I place a deposit on a static caravan?
    Can you put a deposit on a holiday home or pitch? Some parks will offer a deposit service while others will expect the full payment.

  4. What is the minimum deposit amount?
    You’re likely to need a deposit of about 25% to reserve a holiday home. This will vary depending on the holiday park.

  5. Do you offer finance options?
    Even if you have twenty to sixty thousand pounds in the bank, finance options can be an attractive way to pay for your holiday home.

  6. Do your holiday homes come with a warranty?
    If you own a Willerby holiday home, we recommend you activate your warranty by visiting: www.willerby.com/warrantyregistration

  7. Under what circumstances would a warranty be invalid?
    The holiday home warranty will be in addition to your statutory and other legal rights. Make sure you enquire about the circumstances in which your holiday home warranty would become invalid.

  8. Is there a leasehold or freehold on my pitch?
    In most cases, when you buy a holiday home, you claim full ownership of your holiday home. You should not have a leasehold or freehold on your property but you should always double check.

  9. What is the tenure in the licence agreement and how long does it last?
    When you buy a holiday home, the licence agreement should have a clearly defined start and end date.

  10. What happens when my holiday home gets to the end of its life?
    Tenures can last anywhere between 5 to 20 years. Make sure you enquire about what happens to your holiday home when the tenure ends.

  11. How often can I stay in my static?
    You should be welcome to use the holiday home and park facilities throughout the open season.

  12. When will I have to upgrade my holiday home?
    Some static caravan parks have specific rules that your holiday home must be upgraded at set times throughout your tenure.

  13. Can I choose the location of my pitch?
    Some parks will allow you to choose the pitch and location of your holiday home while others will require you to pay a fee or they will designate the location for you. Please note that prime park locations will sell for higher site fees.

  14. Can I have decking on my holiday home?
    Buying a static caravan is a lifestyle investment and you will no doubt want that new lifestyle to look perfect. Double check that you are allowed to add decking to your holiday home.

  15. What happens if I decide to sell my holiday home?
    Read your licence agreement carefully. Many agreements will have limits that dictate when and how you can sell your holiday home.

  16. What charges am I liable for when I sell my holiday home?
    Again, read your licence agreement carefully. You could be expected to pay a 10% or 15% charge when you sell your holiday home.

  17. Can I part exchange towards the cost of a new holiday home?
    Part exchange is a great way to upgrade your holiday home. Some parks will guarantee part exchange as part of buying a new holiday home, while other parks will only offer part exchange on selected holiday homes.

Wherever you choose to pitch your new holiday home there will always be annual running costs. These will include insurance, local authority rates and safety tests. All our approved parks will be able to advise you on additional charges.

Maintenance and Bills
24. Who is responsible for maintenance?
You will be responsible for the maintenance of your holiday home. Some parks may provide a maintenance service at an extra charge.

  1. How much is gas, water and electric and how/who do I pay?
    Enquire about the general costs of gas, water and electricity.

  2. Do I need to pay for siting and connection of the holiday home?
    Some parks offer siting and connection as part of your licence agreement. However, some parks may charge an extra fee for this service.

  3. How do I arrange to get my holiday home sited?
    If you’re moving a holiday home from another park, you will want to enquire about how you arrange to get the property sited. This could incur an additional siting and connection fee.

  4. Do I have to pay insurance?
    All static caravan owners should have insurance on their property.

  5. Do I need to contribute towards the business rates of the holiday park?
    Instead of paying council tax, it’s likely that you will need to pay a fee contributing towards the business rates of the holiday park.

  6. If I choose to move parks, how do I arrange for my holiday home to be transferred from the park?
    What are the rules around moving parks and how do you arrange for the property to be transferred?

Park Rules
31. Are there any park rules?
Opening times. Noise regulations. Entry and exit registration. These are just a few examples of park rules that you should be aware of before buying a property.

  1. Do you have any specific park rules for owners?
    Do the general park rules differ for holiday homeowners? Are there any specific rules that you should be aware of before making a purchase?

33. What facilities are available in the park?
Are there suitable facilities available in the park? Is there a desire to invest in park facilities over the coming months and years?

  1. Is there a charge to use the facilities?
    Do you have to pay an extra charge to access the swimming pool or use the tumble dryers? Holiday parks will have different rules depending on the variety of services and facilities on offer.

  2. What entertainment facilities or activities are close by?
    Is there a local pub with a fun quiz on site or nearby? What type of entertainment and leisure activities are there in the area?

  3. Are there shops in the park or nearby?
    Are there local shops like Morrisons or Marks & Spencer nearby? Where can you pick up a Sunday paper or a pint of milk? These are crucial questions.

  4. Is there internet access on the site?
    For the full home away from home experience, no doubt you will want internet access within your holiday home. Double check that the park offers an internet connection.

Cars and Parking
38. Where can I park my car?
All parks should have designated parking for each holiday home or lodge.

  1. How many parking spaces do I get?
    If you have a holiday home that sleeps more than 4 people, you may need more than one parking space. Check that you can access extra parking spaces as and when required.

The Off Season
40. Who looks after the caravan or lodge when the park is closed?
All holiday parks need to have an off season to maintain their holiday park licence. Who will look after the maintenance of the holiday home during the winter months?

  1. What security is in place for when the caravan park is closed?
    Are statics left unattended throughout the winter? Does your chosen park offer security? How will they guarantee the safety of your holiday home?

  2. How long does the season last?
    Some parks will have a short six-week break over Christmas, while other parks will have a break of up to 3 months. Please note that even though the park may still be open to guests during the winter months, the park facilities may not.

Friends and Family
43. Can my friends and family visit me?
All parks should allow homeowners to invite friends and family to their property. However, some parks will request that each additional guest (and car) is registered when entering the park.

  1. Can I bring my pet dog?
    Most parks will have specific rules for bringing dogs and other pets on to the park. These will include things like: keeping dogs on a lead at all times, ensuring cats are kept inside the property at night and not allowing dogs to excessively bark at night. Breaking these rules can invalidate your licence agreement.

  2. Are children accepted on the site?
    It sounds pretty obvious, but check that children and grandchildren are accepted on the site.

46. Am I able to rent out my holiday home?
Most parks are happy for you to rent out your holiday home or lodge. However, parks will reserve the right to terminate this privilege at any time.

  1. What costs are involved in letting out my holiday home?
    Parks will be able to give you guidance on how much it costs to rent out a property and the general revenue you can expect in return.

  2. What do I need to consider if I want to let out my holiday home?
    Parks will also be able to give you insight into the long list of things you need to consider when renting out your holiday home. These will include the maintenance and cleaning of your property after a rental period.

  3. Do you have any specific park rules for letting out my holiday home?
    Parks will reserve the right to terminate the privilege to rent out your holiday home at any time.

  4. Do you offer a letting scheme?
    Some parks will also include a letting scheme as part of your site fee. Parks will generally take a 10% fee for renting out a holiday home.

To find a suitable park operator, why not try our Find a Park page. Helping you find the ideal pitch for your static, our tool makes it easy to find a range of approved parks in your chosen location. Alternatively, why not read our First Time Buyers Guide for your step by step guide to the world of Willerby.