Willerby Owners ahead of the game

29 November 2019

With global warming and climate change at the forefront of many people’s minds, responsible tourism is fast becoming a significant factor when planning holidays. It seems that Willerby owners are ahead of the game here with their choice of UK breaks in their own holiday hideaway.

Willerby owners have long since known that holidays and short breaks in the UK, in addition to being simply fantastic, are kinder to the planet in terms of their carbon footprint. With a *recent report suggesting that 45% of people now say that sustainability forms a major part of planning their holiday, it seems that the rest of the population might just be catching up. Travel agents and tour operators too are having to work hard in terms of responsible tourism as over a third of holiday makers say they would choose one company over another if it had a better environmental record.

The travel industry as a whole has made steps to improve sustainability and caravan parks are no different. Many park owners are acutely conscious of the impact their business might have on the local environment and many have implemented their own environmental policies in an attempt to reduce waste, prevent pollution and minimise energy use. Owners also often choose to use local contractors for maintenance and repairs which not only supports local business but reduces that important carbon footprint.

For many holiday makers, the impact they have on their holiday destination is becoming increasingly important and a UK holiday on a caravan park can clearly have a positive impact on the local community surrounding the park. Local shops, restaurants and attractions all benefit from visiting holidaymakers and, as a regular visitor, holiday home owners often become an integral and valuable part of that community.

There is also a growing interest in wellness travel with travellers looking out for holidays to help alleviate stress, reduce illness and boost wellbeing. Looks like our savvy Willerby owners are ahead of the game here too. Many caravan parks are set in beautiful countryside and offer great walking and cycling routes and, at the end of a long day, what better way to relax than with a fresh cooked barbecue, al fresco?**

Another trend within the travel industry is for all things technical and it seems that in some resorts you can now find sun cream booths offering top to toe coverage in just seconds but, whilst most of our park owners recognise the need for great Wi-Fi, it seems this particular technical revolution hasn’t quite hit all the rural spots just yet.

  • Information sourced from ABTA Travel Trends Report 2019

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