Guide to getting a better night’s sleep on holiday

22 March 2018

If the worry of getting a poor night’s sleep away from your own bed is crushing your holiday excitement, fear not, because to celebrate the launch of the new Simply Better Sleep option, Willerby has teamed up with Channel 4’s Sleep Geek, James Wilson, to bring you some valuable top tips to get the best slumber possible.
Consistency is key

When sleeping in two different environments, try and keep some consistency across the places that you sleep. Mirroring your bedroom at home by using the same pillow and duvet, or even buying two and leaving one at your holiday home, will make a real difference to helping you get a quality night’s sleep.

Top tip: Smell is a very powerful sense when trying to make a new environment feel like home, so if you use a particular air freshener, or brand of washing powder, be sure to use the same one in your holiday home.

Mattress decisions

When it comes to selecting your mattress in a holiday home, look for one with springs, as this will provide an airflow under your sleeping body which will allow the drop in core temperature your body needs to sleep well. Pocket springs combined with quality fillings will ensure your body has the support it needs.

Keep it cool

Having the correct room temperature is key to getting a good night’s sleep. For most people, the bedroom needs to be cooler than the rest of your holiday home and you should be able to feel this coolness as you walk into the room. Aim for a core temperature between 16 and 20 degrees celsius, which you easily can monitor with a mini thermostat, or even keep track of on digital and smartphone versions.

Tend to your sleep needs

Once the room temperature is correct, you must also ensure the immediate sleep environment is right (between the mattress and duvet). If you are a hot sleeper then changing your duvet to a lighter one, or with a different filling, can make you more comfortable and ensure that you go to sleep and, more importantly, stay asleep. Having a separate duvet from your partner can really help, as we all have different sleep needs and having a duvet that is right for you is important. It also stops us fighting over the duvet during the night!

Top tip: If you feel the cold in your sleep look for feather, down and man-made materials which are designed to trap the heat in. For those who struggle to stay cool, select more natural fillings such as silk, bamboo, wool and alpaca fleece that will allow your body to breathe and ensure your core temperature is maintained.

Fall asleep, stay asleep

Your body loves consistency when it comes to the sleeping environment, for example, if you fall asleep with sound, or have a light on as you fall asleep, these should stay on all night. This is because, throughout the night your body goes through numerous sleep cycles, and when you come out of one cycle and enter into the next, the body will check to make sure everything is as it was when it went to sleep.

To help ease your way into ‘The Land Of Nod’, Willerby is now offering the Simply Better Sleep upgrade option, with a Hypnos superior sprung double or king-sized mattress. This also includes the Super Sleep singles range which has been especially designed to cater to the size of all twin bedrooms across the Willerby range.

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