Renting out a static caravan: the complete guide

15 November 2019

Renting out a static caravan is a simple and effective way to make a profit out of your holiday home.

But, if this is the first time you’ve rented out your static, or you’re considering purchasing a holiday home for furnished holiday let purposes, you will no doubt have a few questions.

You’re probably thinking: “Am I allowed to rent out a static caravan? What is the legality of renting out a holiday home? And, how much should I charge for my property per week?”

That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide, covering all aspects of renting out a static caravan. So read on and you will be making a welcome income boost out of your static caravan in no time.

How to find the right static caravan

Buying a static caravan is a big commitment and you have a lot to consider before making your purchase. Do you want to buy new or second hand? What size property is right for you and your family? What quality and budget can you afford?

If you know your basic requirements, why not try our Find My Ideal Home tool. Automatically filtering out any properties that don’t match your criteria, the tool can help give you an idea of the type, size and quality of home you can afford.

If you’re going to view a second-hand holiday home, caravan or lodge in person, here’s a list of questions to ask the owner:

  • Are the electrical appliances tested regularly? (Enquire about a fixed electrical installation certificate)

  • Is the property dog-friendly? (UK holidaymakers love dogs!)

  • Are the windows double glazed?

  • Does the property come with a warranty?

  • Does the water system, boiler and gas appliances all work properly? (Ask to see the appliances and enquire about a gas safety certificate)

  • Are there any connectivity issues for phone and internet connection?

  • Can you install a gas fired central heating system?

Be sure to check the property thoroughly, valuations on second-hand units can be notoriously tricky and the unit is unlikely to have a warranty.

How to find the right holiday park

The first thing you need to check is that your caravan park allows you to rent out your property. Some holiday parks can be a little edgy when it comes to rentals, so double check your agreement before making a final decision.

Fortunately, for every park that says no to caravan rentals, there are plenty more caravan sites that will be more than happy for you to make a rental income. To find a suitable park operator, why not try our Find a Park tool. Helping you find the ideal pitch for your static, our tool makes it easy to find a range of approved parks in your chosen location.

Here are a few key questions to ask when trying to find the right holiday park:

What facilities do you want?
Do you want a park that offers peace and quiet, or do you want something with a little buzz? Remember, the type of park you choose will generally reflect the type of clientele that will rent your property.

What age or quality is the static caravan?
It goes without saying that a lower quality static will bring in lower rental income. But you should also be aware that some parks will expect you to keep the property in a pristine condition. It sounds pretty obvious, but, if your property is falling apart then you could impact the rental value of the caravan next door.

Are your personal needs going to change?
No doubt you, your family and friends will also intend to use the park over the years. Make sure you consider any potential changes in personal or family circumstances. This is especially important if grandchildren or children are on the horizon. Young children will need a caravan site with decent facilities and a park or play area, while older children will need a park with activities and entertainment.

Would you like a park where guests can take a dog?
Whenever a survey comes out about “why people holiday in the UK”, our fluffy canine friends are always near the top of the list. If you would like to advertise your property to the biggest audience possible, it’s important that you check your park is dog-friendly.

What is the legality of hiring out a holiday home
If you are renting out a static caravan, then there will be a variety of laws and regulations that you will need to comply with. These are:

You must attain a landlord gas safety certificate (Annual Testing)
You must ensure that your property has an annual gas safety test. You must also display the certificate inside the caravan.

Electrical items must have portable appliance testing (PAT) (Annual Testing)
You must ensure that any electrical items that you have plugged into your caravan are PAT tested. That includes items such as DVD players, kettles and toasters.

You must attain a fixed electrical installation certificate (3 years)
Your caravan’s electrical wiring system will need to be tested every 3 years to receive a fixed electrical installation certificate.

You must install a smoke alarm
It is a legal requirement that a smoke alarm is installed inside your caravan.

You must install a carbon monoxide alarm
It is a legal requirement that a carbon monoxide alarm is installed inside your caravan.

You must install a fire extinguisher and fire blanket
It is a legal requirement that you have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket available on your property.

Your park operator will be able to recommend a gas safety engineer or a qualified electrician to complete these tests.

How much should you charge for renting a caravan?

Before you advertise your caravan, it’s important that you accurately work out your running costs.

If you find that the costs of renting will be greater than the income, then it may be better to leave the property empty.


  • Electricity use when people are using the property

  • Gas use when people are using the property

  • The cleaning costs after each rental

  • Advertising costs

  • General wear and tear costs

  • Public liability insurance

Next, conduct research in your local area. The best starting point would be to compare prices online with large holiday park operators in your area. Make sure you check low season costs during the winter months and the peak season costs during the summer months, as well as any period when children are on school holidays.

Another good idea is to visit your chosen park and speak to other unit owners. There are sure to be several park owners already offering static caravan rentals, so it’s a good idea to ask them for advice.

How do you advertise your static caravan

Renting out a static caravan can be a highly profitable venture. But if you’re new to the letting industry, you’re likely to find the prospect of advertising your property quite intimidating.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, advertising your caravan has never been easier. The birth of platforms like Facebook, Airbnb and Google makes it so easy for you to connect your caravan with people looking to holiday in your area.

We suggest starting with these advertising platforms:

Facebook Groups - Free
The first place to advertise your property is Facebook. Home to over 1 billion users, Facebook is the largest, free advertising platform on the internet. Check out local caravan groups on Facebook.

Make sure you message the admin of the group to check you’re allowed to promote your caravan. The majority of admins will be more than happy for you to promote your rental.

To discover new groups you might be interested in:

  1. From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu.
  2. Click Discover at the top.

From the Discover tab you can search Recommended Groups, Friends' Groups, Local Groups and more.
Discover Facebook Groups here:

Gumtree - Free
After Facebook, the next best place to advertise your caravan is Gumtree. Drawing over 8 million visitors each week, Gumtree is the UK’s number one classified ads site.

Gumtree is free to advertise on, but you can also choose to purchase a “sponsored link” for a small fee. This will ensure your listing is promoted at the top of the page for a certain period of time.
Make your classified caravan listing here:

Camplify - Free
Touted as the “Airbnb” for caravanners, Camplify is a new platform which allows you to rent your caravan, campervan, motorhome or trailer home directly to holidaymakers.

The platform is free to list your property and you only pay a small fee when you actually rent out the property.
Listing your static is easy, check out Camplify here:

AirBnB - Free
If you’re not a fan of Camplify, you could always try the Airbnb platform itself. The platform does allow static caravan rentals, but largely attracts tourists looking for properties in city areas.

This is definitely an option that you should try if your static is based in a particularly attractive tourist area.
List your property with AirBnB here:

UKCaravans4Hire - Free

A great platform for advertising your holiday home is UKCaravans4Hire. Offering both regional and specific park listings, the platform allows you to easily reach millions of potential holidaymakers each year.

The website does not take an upfront free but takes a small commission fee on bookings.

Check out UKCaravans4Hire pricing here:

Static Caravan UK - Paid
One of the most popular and trusted platforms to investigate is Static Caravan UK. Approaching 50,000 Facebook fans, the platform offers UK wide park and region listings for only £50 for 12 months.

The website features a secure and simple admin area and offers additional features like view statistics, free photo enhancement and Paypal integration.
Check out Static Caravan UK here:

Rent My Caravan - Paid
A cheaper paid option is Similar to UKCaravans4Hire, the platform allows you to advertise your caravan by either region or holiday parks.

The platform has over 600,000 online visitors each year and utilises Google pay per click ads to drive tourists to your static.
With pricing starting at £49 per year, make your listing here:

How to make your caravan advertisement stand out

OK, so, renting out a static caravan can be a really profitable venture. But the vast amount of profit available means that you are going up against a LOT of competition.

To get yourself ahead of the competition, follow these tips:

Take great photography
The majority of caravan photography is terrible. Stand out from your competition by taking amazing photographs of your caravan. Make sure to capture the static on a sunny day.
Bonus tip: Remember to hoover and tidy up!

Know your customer
Make sure your advertisement relates to what the customer wants. Does the park offer super-fun activities for kids? Mention it. Does the park offer wonderful, peaceful views of the Yorkshire Moors? Mention it. Holidaymakers are looking for more than just the caravan. Make sure you mention the key facilities, amenities or perks of your chosen holiday park.

Get the category right
If you’re advertising on Gumtree, Facebook or Camplify, make sure your property is in the right category. These websites work hard to connect the right ad with the right buyer. Please don’t try to get more views or avoid paying fees by posting in the wrong category. Double check that you are posting in the right regional category too.

Use plain English
You’re not Oscar Wilde and neither is your audience. Keep the language simple and clean. The easier it is to understand, the easier it is to book.

Steer Clear of Arguments
Don’t get involved in disputes. To avoid arguments, try keeping your ad as clear and honest as possible.

Make sure the price is right
Clearly state the price you want for your property during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. Try to keep your pricing fair and try not to undercut your local competition. Another idea is to invite and welcome offers during quieter periods of the year.

Further things you need to consider:

Caravan insurance
Always contact your insurance provider before hiring out your caravan. Your standard cover may not cover lettings.

Handing over the keys
If your caravan is local, then you should have no problem handing over the keys. If the property is too far to travel in one day, then you may need to discuss a handover policy with the holiday park.

Interior design
If you want customers to return to your property next year, then presentation and cleanliness are crucial. For interior design advice, check out our design guide. Created by our interior specialists, our guidance will have your property looking stylish and homely in no time.

Ensure you hire a professional cleaning company to keep the property sparkling after each rental.

Furnished holiday let tax
Don’t forget to take advantage of Furnished Holiday Let tax status. The tax makes hiring out your holiday home even more profitable. Find out everything you need to know in our tax guide.