How to move a Static Caravan?

06 October 2020

Can a static caravan be moved? The very name suggests immobility, yet the answer is yes it can—just not very easily.

It's true that most static caravans, also known as holiday homes, spend their lives in one place. Typically a static caravan is made in a factory, transported to a holiday park, placed on its pitch, fitted out and connected to the utilities. That's it. No more journeys, except your trips to and from your holiday home.

After all, if you want something easy to move, you can just choose a touring caravan or motorhome. Nevertheless, plans and circumstances change, so there are occasions when a static caravan needs to be taken elsewhere.

Why move a static caravan?

Sometimes a better pitch becomes available on the holiday park, so you simply need to move your second home a matter of yards.

Alternatively, you may wish to switch to a new park—closer to home or in a more scenic spot. Perhaps your current park is less pleasant than when you chose it, or its prices are going up unacceptably. If you are looking for a new holiday park, this is a great place to start your search.

Possibly you won't be using the static caravan for a while, and want to store it somewhere safe. Whatever the reason, all it takes to make your move happen is smart planning and the right expert assistance.

How easy is it to move a static caravan?

Moving a static caravan is a specialist job and it can only be handled by a company with the right equipment, including a low loader truck. These specialists have the know-how to load it and secure it safely for the journey. The site you are on, or the park you are moving to, will have details of such companies.

If your caravan is twelve feet or more in width, the truck will also need an escort. When the journey involves narrow country roads, even a smaller caravan requires an escort.

How much does it cost to move a static caravan?

It's impossible to put a precise figure on the cost of moving. Variables include the length and complexity of the journey and the size of the caravan. But there's one thing you can be sure about: it will cost thousands rather than hundreds, with a truck and possibly an escort to hire, along with an expert removal team.

Other items that can add to the bill include disconnection costs for electricity, gas, water, sewers, TV and internet. Many parks have it written into their contracts that only they can disconnect services, so these fees are likely to be unavoidable. If your holiday home has been in place for years, there may also be a price tag for removing rubbish or repairing the plot of land.

Finally, don't forget about insurance. Talk to your insurer to make sure you're covered for the considerable extra risk involved in such a big move.

Arriving costs money too

If you are moving your static caravan to a different site, there will be levelling and siting fees at the new location. They should be detailed in your new contract so, as always, read the small print carefully.

A smarter move could be a new static caravan

You'll have gathered by now that moving a static caravan is achievable but tricky. So why not consider an alternative option? Choose from the superb Willerby collection of brand new static caravans instead. If your old holiday home has been around for a while, you'll be amazed to see how luxurious and superbly equipped the latest models are.

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