Create a True Home-From-Home Interior in Your Caravan

05 July 2018

Striking the balance between home-from-home comfort and holiday escapism is never easy, as any caravan owner knows. Getting this right can really help your caravan feel like an idyllic extension of your home life and an ideal venue for long holidays for the whole family. Below, we’ll share a few top tips that’ll help you achieve this, covering everything from food to decor and beyond.

Home-from-home-cooked food

Making sure your caravan is stocked to the rafters with all the home comforts you love to eat should be the main priority. If you’ve got family visiting, cooking up a beloved recipe that’ll fill the living area with glorious aromas is sure to make your holiday base feel like an extension of your home kitchen. Of course, all Willerby holiday homes and lodges feature premium, high-quality ovens, so anything your home kitchen is famous for can be replicated in your holiday kitchen with minimal fuss.

Make the furnishings homely

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of your own interior design sense when deciding what to furnish your caravan with. If you have a favourite throw or cushion from home, incorporate it into your caravan’s furnishings for a literal home comfort. After all, you’re on holiday, so relaxation should be your number one priority.

Incorporating some decorative touches, such as framed photographs and cherished heirlooms, will go further in making your caravan a true extension of your home life - even if your Willerby is located hundreds of miles away from home. If it feels more homely, you’ll spend more time in it - maximising leisure time and holiday escape opportunities for your family.

Warm colour schemes

The last thing you want is for your holiday home-from-home to seem sterile and unloved. Making sure it has a warm colour scheme can allay this feeling significantly, with traditionally toasty colours such as light pink or orangey pastels being reliable and effective options.

Accentuate your caravan interior with brightly coloured cushions or appliances to give the interior an exciting, vibrant feel. After all, it’s where you go to escape daily life - so it needs to have a bit of vivaciousness about it!

Indulge in mod cons

No home is complete without mod con comforts like towel rail radiators and time-saving kitchen appliances - so why go without when visiting your holiday home caravan? Having a well-heated towel can be a real treat, especially if you’re snatching a quick winter weekend away. You should never sacrifice any of the comforts you enjoy at home while on your holidays, and Willerby holiday homes are built with this ethos in mind.

Escapist entertainment

Part of the joy of a caravan escape is to indulge in some ‘you time’ and do things you wouldn’t normally do at home. Bringing a shelf full of pulpy, guilty-pleasure holiday reads to get lost in while relaxing in or outside your holiday home is essential - and with plenty of storage across the Willerby range, you’ll have your own mini library at your fingertips whenever you want. If you’ve got an energetic family to entertain, make sure you have plenty of room to store board games and other rainy day fun - in order to create memories no matter what the weather throws your way!

Whether your caravan is a quiet couple’s escape or a riotous base for fun family holidays, we hope these tips will help you add a dash of home comfort - improving your experience every time you stay in a Willerby caravan.