Holiday home terms: What do they mean?

05 February 2019

When buying your first holiday home, you may hear lots of jargon and not be quite sure what all the terms mean. If you’re a first-time buyer how do you know the difference between a static caravan or holiday lodge? Or what site fees are and how often they need to be paid?

When it comes to buying a Willerby holiday home, we want it to be a smooth process, so you can focus on enjoying your dream home with friends and family.

Here at Willerby, we have over 70 years’ experience of manufacturing luxury holiday homes, so we’ve asked our expert team to guide you through some of the industry’s most common terms.

Static caravan

A static caravan is a prefabricated structure built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis, so it cannot be moved by car like a touring caravan or motorhome. We call our static caravans ‘holiday homes’. These tend to be not as wide as lodges and usually based in caravan parks that may not be open all year round.. From a pricing perspective, static caravans tend to have a lower entry price point than lodges. You will also find static caravans referred to simply as vans.


Holiday lodges are bigger than static caravans and are often more luxurious, coming fully furnished and with more exterior finish options. Lodges will often sit on a larger plot in a park and be most suitable for added extras such as decking and hot tubs.

Single or twin unit

A static caravan holiday home is a single unit. Legally a holiday home will be 14ft wide or less so they can be transported in one complete section. Holiday lodges and residential park homes, which are larger will often be constructed in two sections and bolted together.


A chassis is the base frame of any wheeled vehicle. As a mobile home must be able to be transported by road it is built on a chassis. It’s the main support of a structure that acts as a frame. It carries all the weight of the body of your holiday home or lodge.


The park simply refers to the holiday park in which your home will be situated. When buying a Willerby holiday home, you have the freedom to decide which park you would like your home or lodge to be located on. We’d suggest doing some research and visiting parks you’re interested in. Also, if you’re going to be regular visitors consider the distance you’ll have to travel to get to the park.


A plot is the location in a holiday park where your Willerby home is, or will be, placed. Similar to choosing a pitch on a campsite for a tent or a non-static caravan, you can choose your plot depending on a range of factors including distance from facilities, car parking and outdoor space. Plots vary in price, for example holiday home or lodge plots with picturesque views or lake side positions will cost more.


Siting refers to exactly where your home is fixed within your plot. Your plot and plot size include any outside space such as green space or an area for outdoor decking, so your home will have a site in that plot. Knowing the exact siting of your home is important as this covers the finer details of its position including whether it is on an angle and where features such as French doors will be.

Site fees

On top of the purchase price of your holiday home each individual park will charge site fees. These help with general maintenance and upkeep of facilities. Each park will charge different fees, so it is important to contact them to find out what charges will apply and how they need to be paid.

Park rules

Each individual park will have its own set of rules, for example, opening and closing times, noise regulations and entry and exit registration. It’s important to check these rules with your chosen park to see if it fits with the holiday home lifestyle you are looking for.

Off season

All parks have an off-season, which can last between six and three months, traditionally over the winter months. An off-season is mandatory in order for a park to keep its holiday park licence. Be sure to check with your chosen park who is responsible for maintenance during this time.


This simply refers to the transportation of your Willerby home from the factory or dealership you bought it from to your chosen park. If you choose to change the park, or plot your home is kept on, then transportation must be arranged.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Willerby holiday home or would like some further information about any of the terms covered in this blog, please contact a member of our team on 01482 717599.