Caravan Interior Hacks to Stay Cool This Summer

16 August 2018

As the UK continues to be bathed in sunshine and the current heatwave shows no signs of abating, it’s essential to do everything you can to stay cool this summer, especially if you’re taking time out from the 9-5 to enjoy a static caravan holiday.

For this very reason, we’ve drafted in the furniture specialists at OWO Living to divulge their comfortable living expertise and let us in on some clever interior design hacks that will ensure your caravan maintains a pleasant temperature even when it’s scorching outside.

Strip back heavy interiors

If you use your caravan all-year round, you will no doubt have some thick, well-insulated curtains, rugs and throws that all go towards keeping your caravan nice and cosy during the cooler months. However, come summertime, these interior choices can actually hinder your chances of staying cool by trapping the heat in.

To avoid overheating, we recommend swapping out thick drapes for thin cotton or sheer alternatives that still provide much-needed privacy as well as a light, breathable fabric to keep the sun and seasonal insects at bay. You may also want to consider stripping back thick rugs and heavy blankets and throws, as well as embracing pale colour palettes to give the space a much lighter and airier feel.

Restrict the sunlight

While sun-bathed interiors are a welcome change after a drab winter, when it comes to caravans, it doesn’t take long for the sun’s rays to penetrate a room and create a stifling heat - making spending time indoors unbearable, especially when trying to sleep at night.

However, one easy solution is to install blackout or regular blinds to restrict the amount of sunlight coming in during the day - particularly on the sunny side of your caravan. With the sunshine kept at bay inside, it’ll be far easier to uphold a pleasant temperature indoors, providing a cool haven for lazy days and a good night’s sleep.

Beat the heat with the right bedding

With space at a premium in caravans and mobile homes, there can often be a temptation to forgo the home comforts of proper bedding and opt for a compact sleeping bag. But, if you want to make sure rest and relaxation stay at the centre of your holiday, we’d highly recommend embracing cotton sheets and a light, summer duvet in favour of space-saving sleeping bags to help you get a restful night.

With the room to manoeuvre yourself in or out of the duvet and breathable cotton sheets, your body will find it easier to regulate its own temperature - so you won’t spend the whole night tossing and turning. If the heat is truly unbearable, you can even employ a nifty trick of soaking a bed sheet in cold water then giving it a quick spin in a washing machine or on a washing line for the ultimate cooling cover at bedtime.

Maximise air flow

Another key to keeping cool in the summer is to ensure your caravan interiors maximise airflow throughout. The obvious option is to keep windows and doors open and make sure these aren’t blocked by any large furniture or objects, so hot air is able to escape from inside.

But, also be mindful that in extreme heat, keeping your windows open all day long can actually make it feel even hotter inside your caravan, as the hot air from outside seeps in. In these instances, it pays to make the most of opening windows during the cooler times of the day, such as overnight and early in the morning to filter in as much cold air as possible.

Other options also include low-tech cooling systems like a small electric fan that will work to keep air moving through the rooms - and when paired with a well-positioned bowl of ice, it can provide a welcome, refreshing breeze.

Cook al fresco

With modern caravans offering up a plethora of mod-cons for cooking, there’s endless possibilities for exercising your culinary prowess while away - be that oven baked goodies or simple soups. However, on warm, sunny days, the simple task of boiling the kettle or grilling some bacon can quickly ramp up the indoor temperatures to unbearable levels, which is why it pays to cook and dine al fresco.

From sizzling barbecues and fresh, tasty salads to home-cooked dishes rustled up on a camping stove, opting to cook and eat outside will do wonders for keeping your caravan cool - while also giving you plenty of opportunities to admire your natural surroundings.

Whether holidaying in the UK or further afield, we hope these hot weather hacks will give you all the inspiration you need to deliver cool caravan interiors that optimise comfort and relaxation - so you can focus on enjoying a well-earned summer break.