5 Creative Caravan Interior Ideas

30 May 2018

You might think that owning a static caravan or holiday lodge leaves you with limited options in terms of interior design.

Thankfully, this is emphatically not true - as static caravan interiors can be customised as far as your imagination will take you. In today’s eco-conscious climate, what could be better than using recycled and reclaimed materials, giving them a new lease of life as an element of a fantastic interior? Today, we’re exploring five creative and effective ideas for upcycling old and neglected materials to really make a statement in your holiday home.

Repurposing unused tiles
If you’re downsizing into a static caravan or mobile home, you may well have a whole host of DIY odds and ends lying about the place that need a new purpose. Some leftover kitchen wall tiles have a myriad of uses - from simply using them as coasters to creating a custom splashback behind your sink. The pattern you use comes down to personal preference - all you need is your own creativity, some tiles and a bit of MDF.

Unused tiles can also be put to great use on the top of a coffee table to create an exotic and eclectic look. Sourcing some delicately patterned Moroccan tiles, for example, will allow you to add a touch of North African chic to the space - although there’s a broad and beautiful spectrum of options that will work equally well.

Creating containers from planters
Instead of throwing out old pasta sauce jars and instant coffee cans, why not fill them with soil and plant some herbs or flowering plants inside? This is a small-scale interior design idea that can really help a room bloom, and it doesn't really matter what container you use. As long as it's made of a quality material like glass or aluminium, the rest is up to you.

Installing lightweight shelving solutions
Due to the construction of static caravans and mobile homes, any shelving needs to be lightweight yet strong. Luckily, there are materials galore that fit this criteria, such as metal wire baskets, which are easily affixed to a wall and offer a convenient area to store just about anything - especially small, by-the-door items like keys or a torch.

Sourcing vintage furniture
Vintage furniture sounds like it should refer to a certain type of homeware, but any forgotten furniture pieces can be upcycled to create an offbeat, characterful aesthetic in your static caravan. Some classic, farmhouse-style chairs are surprisingly lightweight and can really transform a room when given a fresh coat of paint. When you combine the modern decor of a static caravan with a retro piece, the vintage furniture often becomes the focal point of the room - which can only be a good thing if you’ve got a rare piece or even family heirloom in your static caravan.

Giving an old rug a new lease of life
Sometimes, neglected interior pieces can achieve new potential in a fresh setting - so when you’re looking for some little flourishes to make your new static caravan your own, consider dusting off and cleaning an old rug, and giving it prime placement in your static caravan. It may have been trodden on for decades and never given a second thought, until it’s placed in a new context. This approach also works for hanging up artworks and photographs - the key is simply to help unique and beautiful items find their rightful home.

We hope you’ve been inspired to overhaul your static caravan using old, forgotten furniture and recycled materials. Remember: how you design your interior is entirely up to you - so when inspiration strikes, follow it!