‘Join the Club’ – Angela Stanton & Gary Spence

16 January 2023

‘We love everything about our Willerby holiday lodge – it’s so modern, light and airy’

As we continue our “Join the Club” features, we catch up with Willerby Owners Club members Angela Stanton and Gary Spence, who own a three bedroom Willerby Mapleton holiday lodge at Newperran Holiday Resort in Cornwall.

Angela, a headteacher, and Gary, a management coach, from Warwickshire, bought their lodge in September last year and love to visit with their Cockapoos, Frank and Mabel.

Q. Tell us about your Willerby and why you love it so much.

A. The interior design suits us and we were keen to have the 75-inch television media package and three bedrooms to give us flexibility when family or friends visit.

We like the open plan living space and patio, the main bathroom is a really good size and the en suite off the master bedroom is very useful.

We also like the mood lighting and we’re very excited to have a wine fridge!

Even though it’s open plan, there’s a definite living space with an L-shaped sofa, a dining area with built-in bench seating and a dining table, along with a large island unit in the kitchen.

Q. Why did you choose your specific model and how long have you been part of the Willerby family?

A. We collected our keys on September 2 nd and joined the Willerby Owners Club.

We chose this lodge over others because of its modern feel. We had a look around the same model that was already owned and lived in by somebody else on a different park and we were impressed with the space, finish, flooring, units and how airy it is.

Some other lodges we saw were more traditional or residential, but this felt more holiday-like and we can see ourselves staying here for lengthy periods of time.

Q. What are the best things about owning a holiday home?

A. Our lives are packed during the week, so it’s the feeling of being able to get in the car and go. Knowing you can stand on your decking in hail, wind, rain or sun, see the sea and have that feeling of space and calm around you is wonderful.

The sea is a couple of miles away but you can see down to Holywell Bay and the sand dunes, along with rolling hills and farmers’ fields.

Q. What would you say to other people thinking about buying a holiday home?

A. Definitely do your research into what buying a holiday home means and think carefully about the number of bedrooms you want. Visit various sites, go to caravan, holiday home and lodge open days and construct a list of your non-negotiables.

You’ve got to love it when you walk in and have that emotive connection. It’s a lovely lifestyle when you find that.

Knowing your holiday park is crucial and it’s important to determine how much you’re going to be invested in the location. We’re futureproofing and setting ourselves up to work from the lodge if we need to.

Q. Describe your holiday park and why it’s such a great place to stay

A. It’s a quiet park with some entertainment but it’s not forced upon you. The area of the park we’re on is newly developed and is growing sympathetically, in keeping with the environment.

There’s an indoor swimming pool, café restaurant and bar and it has a nice, relaxed feeling about it. We have amazing walks here, stunning beaches within a 10-minute drive and the sunsets are out of this world.

Q. What do you most value and enjoy from being a member of the Willerby Owners Club?

A. It’s always useful to be a member of something that scaffolds the life you’ve chosen. Hearing about new initiatives or improvements to the products Willerby produces is interesting. We always want to be in the know and this is a helpful way to do that. We like the Willerby branded mugs and bee seeds too.