What’s the difference between a static caravan and a lodge?

14 January 2019

Deciding between a static caravan and holiday lodge can be a tough decision and often people don’t know the difference. Whether you’re looking at buying your first static caravan or thinking about upgrading, here is a short guide to explain the differences you can expect to find between them both.

The first thing to remember is, when you’re looking at Willerby, we refer to caravans as holiday homes and to lodges as simply holiday lodges.

The main differences between homes and lodges are size and price. If your budget allows for you to splurge, you might want to consider a holiday lodge. These offer more space making them ideal for big families and for those wanting to spend longer periods of time in them, for example during retirement.

Static caravans are half the width of a lodge (up to 14ft wide) and can come in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. These modern holiday homes are your very own retreat, designed to maximise space and beautifully designed. They start at entry level for the simplest of requirements right through to luxury, where everything you could ever need is included. All fully furnished, there is always a holiday home to suit every budget.

Holiday lodges offer the ultimate in luxury. They are double the width of a holiday home (up to 22ft) with lots of exterior and interior design options. The first thing you’ll notice is how spacious and open plan they feel. Like holiday homes, the price range varies from entry level through to complete luxury. The higher up the range you choose means that many extras become included.

The larger holiday homes and lodges can often be built to residential standard (BS3632), which means that, although not specifically designed to live in, do have superior insulation in the floor, roof and walls. This can often be useful if you do want to use your holiday home out of the typical summer season. Not all holiday homes can be built to this standard and are classified as EN 1647.

Holiday parks usually close for a short period in the winter for essential maintenance and repairs. As a holiday park is not your primary residence you can plan around this time. The time and length of closure can vary, in fact, some don’t close at all. If this is an important factor to you then you should carefully check the parks licence.

Whether you think a holiday home or lodge is for you, both will offer you a luxury home from home where you can spend precious time with family and friends. You can get away from the bustle of daily life and head to your second home that could be in the woods, near your favourite beach or at your best walking spot.

For some inspiration, take a look at our most popular holiday homes, including Linwood, and Vogue Nouveau. As for our holiday lodges, we have the premium Portland, the timeless Mapleton.