Top 10 DIY hacks

19 April 2020

With time on our hands to finish off those long outstanding home improvements, here are our top ten DIY hacks on how you can make your life just that little bit easier.

1. Place an elastic band over the paint tin

Create a ledge to remove excess paint from your brush by stretching an elastic band over the tin. Lightly brush against it after each dip to stop paint running off of the brush and reduce waste.

2. Cling film your paint tray before you use it

Line your tray with some cling film before you get painting and leave a few inches overhanging – once you’ve finished you can use the excess as a funnel to pour back into the tin. Then simply fold into the centre and throw away. Clean tray, no waste.

3. Use baby oil to remove paint

Run out of paint remover? Don’t worry. Baby oil can also do the same job. Use a circular motion and you’ll see it come away. You also get the added bonus of getting super soft hands.

4. Don’t drop your screws

Attach a small powerful magnet to the bottom of your hammer and you can just pull one away each time you need one. Better than putting them in your mouth or dropping them!

5. Use sandpaper with masking tape

If you’ve got a big sanding job, it’s a good idea to put masking paper on the back of your sandpaper. It makes it strong and lasts a lot longer.

6. Remove wood scratches with a walnut

Little known fact, walnuts can buff out scratches and marks in wood. Give it a go!

7. Use toothpaste to hang our pictures.

Use a dot of toothpaste where you want the nail to line up with the wall. Just press the frame against the wall and it leaves the mark exactly where it needs to be. Simply bang in your nail, job done.

8. Use a clothes peg to hold a nail before hammering

Really simple way of missing your fingers while you are knocking in a nail for your picture. Grip the nail with a peg instead!

9. Can’t get to the shops for a spirit level?

Did you know your smart phone can do the job just as well? Download a free app and you’ll soon be levelling surfaces all over the house.

10. Removing carpet dents

If you’ve decided to move furniture around during lockdown and now have dents in your carpet you should try this hack. Lay ice cubes on the dents overnight. In the morning blot the excess and then you can fluff it up with a fork. Like magic!