Pooches Gather To Test Out UK’s First Caravan For Dogs | Willerby

01 November 2017

The UK's first specially adapted caravan for dogs has been unveiled by holiday home manufacturer Willerby.

The dog-friendly model has set tails wagging after being fitted with a number of bespoke adaptations to suit man’s best friend - including an outdoor tap to hose down mucky pups after a day at the beach!

Dozens of pooches took their owners to check out the model at The Lawns Caravan Extravaganza, where the holiday home was showcased for the first time.

Britain has long been known as a nation of dog lovers. A 2016 study revealed an estimated 40 per cent of UK households have pets, with more and more Brits choosing to take their furry friends on holiday.

After noticing how many of their customers choose to holiday with their dogs, Willerby decided to paws for thought and designed the model with our four-legged friends in mind.

The caravans feature a specially adapted stable door, offering owners the chance to open the top half of the door to allow ventilation in warm weather, while the bottom half remains closed to keep pets inside.

A specially fitted dog gate allows owners to ‘cordon-off’ areas of the holiday home, perhaps to keep dirty paws off the carpet or stop naughty pups from begging for food in the kitchen.

In addition, the kitchen has been adapted to incorporate a specially designed sleeping area for pets, meaning precious space in the holiday home isn’t taken up with a dog bed. There’s even a hidden shelf perfect for storing water and food bowls out of sight.

And the interior is furnished with adorable personal touches – handy hooks in the shape of dog tails and dog-themed bedding.

The model was revealed to dozens of dogs over the weekend, and the bespoke holiday home went down a treat with pet owners.

John and his wife Jean visited the caravan with their dog Benji. Mr Parkes said: “This is the first holiday home we’ve ever seen that’s been designed specifically for dogs. Benji was into everything. He loved it and we think it’s brilliant.”

Kirsten Bolton, Marketing Director at Willerby said: “Our new pet friendly holiday home is perfect for those who can't imagine taking a break without their furry friends.

“The holiday home is fitted with a number of adaptations to suit pets. We've even built a mini replica of the model in the form of a kennel that sits on the porch, so dogs can enjoy some peace and quiet in their own private surroundings!”