Holidays of Yesteryear

25 April 2018

Our recent study into Brits’ most treasured holiday memories has revealed that in an age of constant Facebook and Instagram updates, many of us miss sending a good old fashioned postcard to our loved ones.
So, we’ve rounded up the seven things that Brits miss most about family holidays:

  • Almost a third of Brits (24%) miss writing a good old fashioned postcard, while 19% said they miss having to rely on a road map or compass to get them to their destinations.

  • It seems digital photos taken on smartphones just don’t cut it for people now, with 18% of those surveyed say they missed flicking through a photo album.

  • While the digital age may have changed the way we record our memories, our survey also revealed some Brits choose to take time out from technology while they are on holiday. More than a fifth (21%) admitted they have enforced a tech ban in a bid to encourage the family to spend as much quality time together as possible during breaks away!

  • Our research also revealed that we can be creatures of habit when it comes to choosing where we want to go on holiday. Thirty-eight per cent of Brits admitted they had been back to the same destinations up to six times, while another 24% said they had visited the same places on up to nine different occasions.

  • As for our favourite British holiday pastimes, 16% of Brits said memories of playing outside filled them with nostalgia, while 12% said they enjoyed looking back on long walks with their families.

  • And it seems many of us love to revisit the destinations we were taken to as a child. More than a third (34%) said they had taken their partner or children to a place they visited with their families, while 19% admitted they had tried to recreate an experience from their childhood, with 32% of those saying it was just as good as they remembered it to be.

  • The research also revealed the sense that is most likely to trigger happy holiday memories. More than a quarter (26%) said the smell of a salty beach or fish and chips transported them back to their childhood, while 22% said a traditional British dish such as a Sunday roast took them back to treasured weekends spent around the dinner table with their families.

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