Why retire to a park home

12 March 2019

As you approach retirement, there are lots of choices for you to free up some capital and enjoy your golden years. So, why should you retire to a park home?

Olympic Park Homes shares its expertise on what you can expect from a living in a park home community.

Location, Location, Location
Park home communities are often in rural or semi-rural, picturesque locations. Whether it’s in the countryside, near a beach or a riverside location, parks can have the most tranquil of settings and beautiful views. Due to a blissful combination of secular locations and exclusive communities, park homes also tend to be quite relaxing. You can rest in the knowledge that there will be no commotion or nuisance when you simply want peace and quiet. Even better, the vast majority of parks require entrance fobs, so they are much more secure than a standard residential estate.

Like-minded community
One of the biggest benefits of residing in a park is that you get to live amongst like-minded individuals. Many parks come with some exclusivity, such as 50+, and therefore offer you the chance to be part of a community.

Choices and customisation
As a buyer of a new park home, you can customise your place, in and out. Select from a range of traditional and contemporary models to suit your living needs and tastes, and then design your interiors as well. We offer a bespoke service to deliver outstanding quality for our customers and we’re sure to accommodate your needs.

To see some of our amazing park homes, visit the Park Homes by Willerby website.

Environmentally friendly
Park homes are more environmentally friendly than their brick and mortar counterparts. Why? Because they are often smaller and therefore take much less energy to run, meaning you save the planet and your money.

What’s more, Willerby has a very green conscience, and strive to obtain raw materials from sensible sources. We also pay careful attention to the consumption of our homes, installing energy efficient appliances throughout.

Free up some capital
As park homes can be more affordable than some brick and mortar properties, you can free up capital and enjoy your retirement properly or use the money to clear any outstanding debts.

Not sure if park life is for you?
There are many reasons to buy a park home. If you’ve not yet decided if park life is right for you, then why not visit one of our Cheshire parks? Head over to Olympic Parks website for more information - https://www.olympicparkhomes.co.uk/