Sweet treat favourites (but make them vegan)

10 January 2023

January, also known as Veganuary, is here. The month of making lifestyle changes for the new year. In January a lot of people try to cut out meat and dairy by going vegan but making the big change doesn’t mean you have to forget about your favourite sweet treats.

We have found vegan recipes for 5 dessert favourites, so you don’t have to miss out on a sweet treat this January.


These easy to make pancakes are only 90 calories each and only takes 35 minutes in total to make.


This recipe makes 6 dairy and egg free scones in total.

Victoria sponge cake

An all time favourite classic, the perfect cake for afternoon tea.


This easy to follow recipe makes 12-14 biscuits in around 40 minutes.

Carrot cake

Prefer a carrot cake over a victoria sponge cake but need a vegan recipe? Well we have found the recipe for you.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your vegan treat with a nice cuppa.

(All recipes can be found on the BBC Good Food website.)