Top 10 tips to keep the kids busy this Spring

03 April 2018

With the Easter holidays almost over, by now you may be starting to run out of ideas to keep the little ones occupied! Here’s our Top 10 Tips to keep the kids busy this Spring – given the notorious unpredictability of the Great British weather, we’ve covered activities for both wet and sunny weather – and even better, they’re all free!

Rainy Days
For when it’s pouring down outside, and you need to keep little hands (and minds) busy!

Old skool games – why not dig that dog-eared Twister out from under the bed, and give those little limbs a work out?! Or how about Monopoly – great for encouraging strategic thought and learning those all-important money-management skills early! Or show them a new card game – from ‘Snap!’ for little ones, to Poker for teens. If you’re not already a member of the Willerby Owners Club, join today to receive a free set of Willerby playing cards as part of your welcome gift ?

Crafty competition – set a challenge of creating the most inventive / ridiculous / colourful / scary model, made from only what’s in your recycling and your craft cupboard. This one is sure to keep them occupied for a while – just make sure you have some prizes on hand and that the judging panel is unbiased, or it could get messy in more ways than one…

Visit the library – the local library is a great resource when the weather’s not great. Not only are there thousands of books to choose from to take home and enjoy, but there are also always lots of great free activities and groups to get involved with, especially in the school holidays. So get your child signed up, and ask for a ‘What’s On’ guide so you don’t miss out!

Stay in touch – why not and ask them to get creative and make a friend or relative happy by making a handmade postcard? A recent poll conducted by Willerby revealed almost a quarter of British holidaymakers (24%) put writing out a postcard at the top of the list of things they miss most about their childhood holidays! So hide the tablet, get out the card, pens and gluestick, and set the challenge!

Wet walk - who says you need sunshine and warmth to enjoy a good walk?! Get those little wellies and brollies out and give them a fun, splashy adventure in the rain. And of course, encourage them to jump in the biggest, muddiest puddles you can find! It’s only a bit of washing…

Sunny Days
If you’re lucky with the weather, make the most of it with some of these ideas!

Get buzzy planting! Kids love getting their hands dirty, and what better way to do it than to get them out in the garden? Willerby is committed to helping raise awareness of the plight of the UK’s bumblebee, and planting the right types of flowers and plants can help nurture these amazing creatures. Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website for lots of great gardening tips.

Hit the beach – let’s face it, kids love nothing more than to spend time on the beach – making sandcastles, playing beach cricket, paddling (or for the braver ones, swimming) in the sea… Bring an element of competition to the outing by getting them to look for the 10 most beautiful pebbles and shells they can. They can bring them home to decorate the garden or make a pretty picture too – double the fun!

Plan a perfect picnic – whether it’s part of a day’s outing, or it’s the main event of the day in your own garden, a picnic is always a crowd-pleaser! Get the kids involved with the menu – whether it’s baking up some fresh scones, or a trip to the local greengrocer for the makings of a healthy fruit salad. Whip out that tartan blanket, invite their favourite teddies, and enjoy!

Boat race! – get digging around in the recycling and get the kids to make their own margarine tub boats. Some card and old lolly sticks make great sails, and they can spend hours decorating them – don’t forget they need to give their creation a name too… Then take them out to the nearest river, stream or pond and get racing!

On yer bike! - bike rides are a great family activity and are also a fun way of staying fit and healthy. It’s good to try out some new routes too, meaning you and your kids experience more of the Great British countryside – the National Trust have some great suggestions here for family-friendly bike rides.

Whatever you do to keep them busy this Spring, whether it’s in your Willerby or your own home, enjoy it – family time is precious!