Spring Clean with Mrs Hinch

10 May 2020

We've picked out ten top tips from cleaning guru Mrs Hinch to help out with the big Spring clean over the coming weeks!

Sophie Hinchcliff the self-proclaimed "cleaning mad" mum from Essex managed to gain 400K followers on Instagram (follow her here) before appearing on This Morning with daytime favourites Holly and Phil. Since then her "Hinch Army" Instagram following has grown to 3.3 million, who tune in to see her tips and tricks on cleaning. The modern-day Kim Woodburn says she buys most items from budget shops such as B&M, Wilko and Poundstretcher with Zoflora, The Pink Stuff and Minky being some of the top of the items of her shopping list.

1. Avoid a smelly bin
This is favourite of mine, simply soak a piece of kitchen roll with undiluted Zoflora disinfectant and place in the bottom of the bin before inserting the bin bag. Done!

2. Easy cleaning the fridge
Before you next order your "big shop", empty your fridge shelves and all and fill the bottom shelf with a washing up liquid and disinfectant mix (Mrs Hinch advises Zoflora of course, we like the lemon one!). Wipe down all surfaces, before finishing off with some The Pink Stuff cleaning paste. Ensure the fridge is fully dry before returning any items inside.

3. Cleaning Radiators
Using (you've guessed it) Zoflora diluted solution simply spray onto a cloth and wipe down each radiator, a simple yet super effective way of getting lovely smells running through your home. We recommend using the tropical flavour for this job.

4. Stainless steel - scrub up
No matter where it is in our home, we want stainless steel to be streak-free and sparkling! Mrs Hinch this time recommends using a B&M Scrub Buddy coupled with Stainless Steel Cif for best results.

5. Washing the washing machine
Mrs Hinch tells us to pull out the drawer using a bathroom cleaning spray in there, before also using an anti-limescale spray in the gap where the drawer sits when closed. Pull back the rim of the door, using the same bathroom spray using an electric toothbrush to remove any stubborn dirt and grime.

6. Removing mattress stains
Another personal favourite as it is so easy - simply sprinkle on bicarb on the stain and rub ensuring you wear gloves. After an hour you can vacuum up. Simple!

7. Cleaning leather sofas
Another straight forward cleaning tip from Mrs Hinch - just add her favourite Zoflora (we like Linen Fresh for this job) this time diluted in water to some bargain leather wipes before wiping down.

8. Use an electric toothbrush
Invest in an electric toothbrush to help tackle dirt and grime around the house, Mrs Hinch uses hers all around the home on real wood floors, washing machines and more.

9. Stock up on Zoflora
This disinfectant cleaning product is so versatile to use around the home, Mrs Hinch like us is absolutely crazy about the Zoflora range. There are lots of different flavours to suit your taste, including a Christmas range with warm cinnamon, cranberry & orange, and winter spice available with prices starting as little as 79p.

10. Keeping the cooker clean
Use a cloth and a cleaning paste to keep the hob looking brand new; simply wipe down and after a few minutes rinse with a wet cloth. Both Willerby and Mrs Hinch love The Pink Stuff, another product you can pick up for pennies from B&M or Home Bargains.

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