Our favourite ice cream flavours

22 June 2020

What can be more of a treat than a traditional 99? It seems that the public is in agreement with us.

UK ice cream parlours were asked what their best-selling ice cream flavours were in a survey by 'The Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show 2020'.

Vanilla still tops the charts with 84% of the votes, with mint choc chip in second and then chocolate following in third place.

But what is your favourite? We did our own poll in the office and here are our results:

  1. Vanilla (we agree, nothing finer!)
  2. Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough
  3. Carte D'Or Raspberry Cheesecake Layered Ice Cream Dessert
  4. Peanut butter
  5. Strawberry
  6. Mint choc chip
  7. Rum and raisin
  8. Neapolitan
  9. Butterscotch
  10. Raspberry ripple

Feeling inspired to make your own? The weather looks to be great over the next couple of weeks, so we thought you might like the chance to win an ice cream maker. Head over to our competition section on our e-newsletter and start dreaming up your own favourite flavours.

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