Be adventurous this summer

14 June 2020

We wonder what new hobbies you might have learned during lockdown – maybe embroidery, a new language, maybe even become a DIY pro? One thing is for certain; we are all looking forward to the day when we can make the most of our glorious British coast and countryside. Have you felt inspired to carry on with learning new hobbies or visiting somewhere you’ve never been? Here are a few that you might want to research before you go forth!

Visit a zoo

As they are allowed to open soon, why not enjoy a day out at some of the amazing zoos around the UK. We have one not too far away from our showground in Hull, called the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We love Lion Country the best, which will be your favourite? Oh – and don’t forget to visit us too - whilst we don’t have any lions roaming around, we do have fantastic showground!

Theme park

There is nothing quite like terrifying rollercoasters (as a spectator or participant), hooking a duck and eating candyfloss. Embrace your inner child and have some fun. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is one of our favourites for nostalgic memories. What’s yours?


If you’ve managed to do any exercise indoors, you might want to keep it up and buy or hire a bike. You don’t have to feel too virtuous though, consider an e-bike. You still need to pedal but that battery boost makes hill climbs a breeze. Try one of these trails:

  • Explore the Kent countryside - hire your bike from Bloomsbury’s near Biddenden and see villages, castles and coast.
  • Isle of Wight – It’s known as ‘Bicycle Island’ with over 500 miles of dedicated cycle paths. Check out Red Squirrel Electric Bikes.
  • The Union Canal, Edinburgh – an all-day cycle ride made all the more pleasant with an e-bike! Try out Tartan Bike Tours.
  • Hills will be a breeze in beautiful Pembrokeshire and what a beautiful coastline. Pembrokeshire Bike Hire will help you with everything you need.

Take a historical train ride

If it seems too much effort to cycle, we’re sure it won’t be long before some of our amazing historical trains will be available for you to enjoy. From Alderney to the Yorkshire Wolds, step back in time and enjoy the steam from yesteryears. The UK & Ireland Heritage Railways website will keep you up to date of what is open when, wherever you holiday this summer.

Fruit picking

You might need to make an appointment this year to Pick Your Own, but what can beat spending an afternoon with the kids or grandkids, where you pick one, eat one – and repeat. Take a look at this lovely farm in Croft, Warrington and what you can expect at others around the UK.

Get into ice cream

Many farms have diversified from just raising animals and one of the most enjoyable side businesses is homemade ice cream. Either visit the farm or find a local delicatessen. We’re sure that trying new ice creams could just be the kind of hobby that we could all enjoy. If you happen to be near Sheffield in South Yorkshire look out for ‘Our Cow Molly’ – Cora’s Chaos is delicious!