Misheard lyrics

28 June 2020

It's not uncommon to mishear lyrics and it can lead to some funny realisations… as we sit at home or in an office with the radio on in the background, have you ever misheard what was being sung?

Very quickly meanings can morph into something quite different from their original intent. As in a Pat Benatar hit, the song that should have been “hit me with your best shot” quickly became “hit me with your pet shark” and we all have that friend who will belt out “let me just staple the vicar”.

In fact, three-quarters of people polled in a recent survey admitted to using the wrong words to popular tunes.

After discovering that a member of the marketing team was singing the incorrect lyrics to Pray by Take That (“All I do is shine my face” is not correct) we thought we'd share a few that we've heard in the past.

Misheard - Billie Jean is at my door

Original - Billie Jean is not my lover

Misheard - Shake it like a polar bear ninja

Original - Shake it like a polaroid picture

Misheard - You're the one that I want

Original - You're the wobbly one

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