How to stay organised in 2022

07 January 2022

New year, new you! If staying organised is one of your goals for this new year then here's some things you could take on board to help you out.


A great way of starting off the year is to have a big declutter, get rid of all that stuff you don’t need! This includes your clothes, any you don’t wear any more or don’t fit can go to charity.

Regular Cleaning

Further from having a declutter a good way of staying organised is to clean the house regularly. Although you may not enjoy cleaning, by doing it regularly it allows you to keep on top of things and there’s nothing better than having a clean and tidy environment to live in. To help keep on track with cleaning, maybe create a schedule so you know when things need to be done.

Cleaning also helps with stress relief and is a good way to relax.


Invest in new storage or take a look at the storage you already own and how you could use them to organise things in. When you have all of your storage solutions together, use a label maker or permanent marker to label them and get thinking about what you are planning to store in the boxes. You could have one for your bills, letters, pens, and different categories of food in the kitchen, the list could go on and on!

Set goals

Set yourself realistic goals, if you expect yourself to do too much in the year you may get overwhelmed when doing it. Some ideas of goals you could set yourself is; read more, cut down on the alcohol bit by bit throughout the year and start saving money by starting off small then increase the amount each month.

We’ve found a great tip from the Money Saving Expert which would be ideal for starting out saving money steadily throughout the year.

You could also set yourself daily goals of what you want to get done. To-do lists are really helpful for keeping track of what you need to do!

Routine, routine, routine

Get into a routine, this will give structure to your day/week/month. Having a routine will also allow you to keep on top of things when life gets slightly overwhelming or busy. You can start off the routines with things you already do in a day then add things you want to start doing.

Use a calendar or diary to keep track of any additional thighs you need to do on different days too. You could even use it to write down the routine things you do within a week too so that you don’t forget!