A guide to a spooky Halloween night in

18 October 2021

A guide to a spooky Halloween night in.

Not got anything planned for Halloween? No problem! From sweet treats to tuck into, to film ideas to suit everyone, we’ve got you covered this spooky season.

31st October is quickly approaching, so it’s time to get your last minute plans together. All you need to do is jazz up your home with some decorations, make some gruesome (but tasty) treats, get cosy in some spooky PJs and just sit back and relax whilst watching a classic Halloween film.

Preparing for the spookiest Halloween night in:

  1. Spook up your house with some Halloween decorations. Just because you’re not having a party doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun decor! You don’t have to splash out on decorations either, you could get creative and make your own. Here’s some ideas to get you started:


Activity idea: Why not visit your local pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins to decorate your home with?

  1. Pop to your local supermarket and stock up on different sweet treats or even buy things to make your very own spooky snacks. Asda has lots of recipe ideas for you to try out, such as mini doughnut eyeballs. Have a bit of fun in the kitchen in preparation for your big Halloween night in.


  1. Choose a Halloween film to watch, not all of them are scary, there’s some comedy films and some that are perfect to watch with the family. We’ve put together a list of film ideas, there’s one for everyone!

? Hocus Pocus- a Halloween classic, available to watch on Disney+.

? Scary Movie- a scary comedy, available to watch on Netflix.

? The Addams Family- one to watch with the family, available to watch on Netflix.

? The Invisible Man- one for the horror lovers, available to watch on Sky Cinema.

? The Purge- one for the teens, available to watch on Netflix.

Once you’ve picked a film and you’re all prepared for your spooky night, sit back and (try to) relax.

Top Tip: You may need to get a pillow ready if you're watching a horror movie!