Get ahead cooking

15 June 2020

Sometimes it can be so easy to have a beige meal consisting of frozen chips, fish fingers and turkey twizzlers after a long tough day. By putting some aside some time when you're full of energy for some batch cooking will mean enjoying home-cooked, cost-effective meals without the washing up! We've put together some of our favourite recipes below which you can freeze ahead of time, with some tips thrown in there too, Enjoy!


  • A simple, creamy fish pie that will feed the full family plus a great way to get omega-3 rich fish. Tip: swap out the Maris Piper for sweet potato and chuck in some veggies to bulk the dish out
  • A comforting boozy beef pie that will leave wanting more and more of this moreish British classic.

Fish cakes
This fish cake recipe is great mix of protein and potato meaning you can add some steamed veg and dinner is complete. Tip: Make a batch and freeze meaning you'll always have a last-minute saviour close to hand

Mixed bean chilli (with wedges)
A warming bowl of chilli a lovely comfort food, perfect for a 'meat free Monday'. Tip: throw in any peppers or carrots which are close to their best before date to bulk out the batch

5-a-day tagine
With this tagine get your day's vegetable quota all in one go, great for feeding a large group.

Beef stew
Perfect for the whole family, this Italian-style beef stew will be a hit with everyone and is modern twist on this favourite dish.

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