Does a comfortable bed top YOUR holiday priority list? | Willerby

28 February 2018

We recently commission a UK-wide survey that revealed the extent to which Brits enjoy a good night’s sleep on holiday, with a staggering 74 per cent saying a comfortable bed is top on their list of priorities when it comes to holiday accommodation.

The survey, which questioned 2,000 Brits about their holiday preferences, also revealed that almost a quarter said long lie ins were the best part of going away, while 21 per cent admitted to taking their own duvets and pillows on holiday with them.

Fancy finding out what the rest think?

  • 24 per cent said long lie ins were the best part of going away, while 28 per cent said they relished spending quality time with their loved ones away from home
  • Almost a fifth (19%) admitted they have complained about the comfort of their beds while on holiday, while 6 per cent said they had even cut a trip short because the beds were so uncomfortable
  • When it came to what gets British holidaymakers hot under the collar during trips in the UK and overseas, 26 per cent said they hated it when the beds were tucked in too tight, while an further 26 per cent said they felt irritated when they couldn’t charge their phones next to the bed
  • And it seems Brits can be fussy when it comes to the types of beds they want to sleep in during breaks away too. More than a third (34%) said they’d slept in beds that are not wide enough, while 33 per cent said they’d been left unsatisfied by beds that are not long enough. Another 26 per cent said they’d slept on lumpy mattresses, while 24 per cent said they’d noticed the bedding wasn’t thoroughly clean
  • Ten per cent of Brits said they’d lost at least two hours’ sleep during holidays due to beds being too uncomfortable, while 25 per cent said sleep deprivation on holiday meant they have been left too tired to play with their kids or enjoy quality time with their loved ones. Another 16 per cent said they’d been left feeling ripped off!

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