The Battle of British Values

30 August 2017

Wine vs. Beer
The first real surprise in our survey was in the wine vs beer question. Beer is a British tradition, enjoyed by many in a selection of great pubs right across the UK. Surprisingly though, tastes have changed. Our survey showed that Brits would opt for a bottle of wine over a pint of ale when given the choice. The only exceptions were the Welsh and Londoners who thought wine was a pour decision and would choose beer as their beverage of choice.


Fish & Chips vs. Chinese Takeaway vs. Indian Takeaway
While Brits are far from renowned for their culinary expertise, if there is one thing we know how to cook, its fish and chips. But is the battered delicacy still a British favourite? Well, our survey showed that Asian cuisine in the form of a Chinese or Indian takeaway is now Britain’s overall favourite. The only exceptions were the East Midlands, London, North East England and the North West of England who all still love a good chippy.


Coffee vs. Tea
Tea or Coffee? It’s a question we’ll hear almost every morning. The traditional British answer of course is ‘tea, milk with two please’. But is the cuppa still Britain's favourite? Well, the results are split between a north and south divide. While the southern regions of England opt for a tea, the northern regions including Scotland love coffee a latte.


Football vs. Rugby
As the home and creator of the good old game, it was unlikely that this question would throw up any surprises. Nearly every region of the UK voted for football as their favourite sport with Northern Ireland the only exception.


Wild Night Out vs. Cosy Night In
Who doesn’t love to party? Well, as it turns out, the whole of the UK doesn’t. Given the choice of a cosy night in or a wild night out, every region would overwhelmingly opt for the cost night in… netflix and chill anyone?


EastEnders vs. Coronation Street
Probably one of the more contentious questions in our survey, is the UK mega corrie fans or Eastenders groupies? Well, it turns out the majority of the UK are mega corrie fans. The only two exceptions were London and the South West of England who would opt for the Queen Vic over the Rovers Return.


Family vs. Career
Another question that didn’t bring up any surprises was our Family vs Career survey. In an overwhelming 95 to 5 per cent split each region of the UK values family above their career. Obvious, but we wanted to throw in a curve ball.


Clean Shaven vs. Facial Hair
Do you like a man with a clean cut or a bushy beard? If you’d opt for clean shaven then you’ll be glad to hear that you’re in agreement with the whole of the UK. Surprisingly not even Scotland would opt for a man with even a little stubble over the clean shaven look. All we can say is that beards grow on you if you let them.


Cats vs. Dogs
In a divide that can often split friends, families and even marriages, we were intrigued to find out the results of this survey question. Asking each audience which they generally prefer out of cats and dogs, only Scotland voted for a cat. If you’re a cat person, don’t terrier self up about it.


Tomato Sauce vs. Mayonnaise
It’s a decision that can often make or break a first date.. There you are sat face to face with your next Prince Charming when suddenly, god forbid, he puts mayonnaise on his Sunday roast. You couldn’t possibly marry this type of animal, or could you? Offered mayo or Tommy K as there condiment of choice the majority of the UK chose the red stuff as their favourite sauce. Some of people surveyed even went as far to say they ‘love red sauce from my head to-ma-toes’.


Dine Out vs. Takeaway
Given a choice between dining out in a restaurant or enjoying a scrumptious takeaway of their choice, the majority of the UK would opt for dining out. The survey wasn’t even a close call as over 80% of the people surveyed voted dining out as their prefered option.


Beach vs. Woodland
Are you an early afternoon walk in the woods type of guy, or do you enjoy a refreshing visit to the seaside? If you can’t get enough of the beach then you’ll be intrigued to learn you’re in agreement with the majority of the UK. Only the East Midlands, North East England and Wales would say adios beaches and head for the woods.


Sweets vs. Savoury
What do you prefer to splurge on? Savoury foods (burgers, pizza, pasta) or sweet foods (anything that will make you feel “guuuuiilllttttyy”. In a result that caught us by surprise, each region of the UK voted savoury as their food taste of choice.


Lazy Lie In vs. Early Rise
Are you an ‘up and at em’ kind of person, or do you prefer to forget the world exists until at least lunch time? In another set of results that caught us by surprise, each region of the UK voted a lazy lie in over an early rise. If you do you love an early rise, just remember that the people in bed are kinda sheety


TV vs. Film
With the rise of instant streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, we can officially say we’re living in the golden of screen entertainment. But which does the UK love more, TV or film? For the majority of the UK a good tv show is their entertainment of choice. The only exceptions were the South East of England and the Northern Ireland who would opt for a film.