The 4 Best Activities for a Fun-Filled Family Holiday

06 September 2018

Family holidays are a time to make unforgettable memories for your children and an opportunity to truly relax. Such trips often come up against two adversaries: the weather and boredom. While nothing can be done about the former, the latter can be easily remedied with endless activities that’ll keep the kids occupied morning and noon - leading to them sleeping soundly at night!

In this post, our friends over at Start Fitness will be running through some top ideas for what to get up to on your caravan break, no matter your skill levels or how old your kids are.

Explore the coast

Parks tend to be near to areas of natural beauty - and this includes the coast. Getting out and active along Britain’s glorious coastline should be the first port of call for a family holiday. Long, lazy days on the beach, walks along dramatic coastline paths and watersport lessons are all highly recommended.

However, if your older children are looking for a new challenge, then the emerging sport of coasteering might be for you. Combining rock climbing, cliff-jumping and cave-exploring into one adventurous activity, this sport has enjoyed a lot of attention in recent years. Hotspots for this activity include the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales, the North Yorkshire coast and Cornwall. Ideal for an adventurous family, a few days spent coasteering is a sure-fire way to fill a caravan holiday with excitement.

Get on your bike

A holiday is a perfect time for some family bike rides - no matter the ages or skill levels involved. Quiet roads and cycle paths are perfect for youngsters who lack confidence on two wheels, and a cycle-focused break could be the difference between your kids loving cycling and not being bothered with it.

Whether it’s coastal paths or mountain bike trails, using your static caravan as a base for cycling adventures is a great way to have a holiday that isn’t dependent on a car - both beneficial for the environment and helping you to dispel back seat boredom for the kids.

Make rainy days unforgettable

It pays to have a few aces up your sleeve once the infamous Great British weather unleashes its wrath and you’re stuck inside for a day. A holiday can be a great chance to do things you wouldn’t normally do at home, so put your screens away and bring out some old-school board games to entertain the whole family.

If this wears thin or provokes the classic Monopoly-borne argument, then why not organise a scavenger hunt around the caravan for the kids? Be as creative as you like and you’ll soon find that you’ll be having just as much fun as you would on a sunny day.

Hike as a family

If cycling isn’t your thing but the sun is shining, you might want to consider a brisk hike in the great outdoors with your family as a way to make those treasured memories. Whether it’s an iconic British peak like Helvellyn or Mount Snowdon or a ramble through a more genteel range of hills such as the South Downs, this country is blessed with easy day-trip hikes that a whole family can accomplish.

Once you’ve finished hitting the heights, exploring the coast or riding a bike, you’ll welcome returning to your bespoke holiday home for a well-earned rest. A combination of activity and comfort on holiday is ideal in our eyes, so get planning your next active break!

Author bio:

Alex Jones is a features writer for Start Fitness - providers of running, cycling, gym, football and outdoor products.