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How long do park homes last?

Imagine moving to a beautiful new home in your favourite place, overlooking the sea or surrounded by spectacular scenery.


A park home is a dream for so many people, whether as a second home or permanent residence. And when you’ve secured your own, you’ll naturally want to “live the dream” for as long as possible.


But how many years of enjoyment can you look forward to once you’ve invested in your own park home? It’s a question we are often asked as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers.


In this article, we’ll explore the subject in some depth. You’ll also learn how a few simple steps can keep your park home in great shape, and extend its lifespan even further.


What is the lifespan of a park home?

At Willerby, we believe that a well-built park home can last 70 to 80 years or longer. In fact, some that started life in the 1960s are still going strong! Our latest models are even more reliable in terms of construction, built from only the most robust, high-quality materials.


Built to last, with warranties to match

Willerby Bespoke Park Homes are built to exceed BS3632 standards, and is a Goldshield-registered manufacturer. Therefore, if your park home is sited on a Goldshield-registered residential park, it will be covered by a 10-year warranty. That means you benefit from full structural cover for up to a decade!


You can also take peace of mind that our unique Oslo Wall System™ features technology that has been tried and tested in the housebuilding industry around Europe for many years.


That’s why we are so confident in the build quality of Willerby park homes, enabling us to offer the most comprehensive warranties in the business, including:

  • Three-year parts warranty, covering the cladding and all fitted furniture manufactured by us.
  • Five-year structural warranty, covering external doors, windows, roof, walls, ceiling, carpets and boiler.
  • Twelve-year anti-corrosion warranty for our fully galvanised steel chassis.


Maintenance makes all the difference

Generally speaking, park homes require less looking after than bricks and mortar structures. Nevertheless, keeping everything in good repair is essential for trouble-free park home living — and that requires regular servicing and maintenance.


Following the manufacturer’s upkeep instructions is the surest route to success. And make the most of the maintenance services offered by your park owners, especially if you are not the DIY type — after all, that’s partly what you pay your pitch fees for!


How to extend your park home’s life

A park home is just like a traditional house, or a motor vehicle. A little regular TLC keeps everything running smoothly, and avoids expensive repair jobs. Here’s a quick run through the essential maintenance tasks your park home needs:


Look out for leaks

Even a tiny amount of water, whether it’s from outside or an internal pipe, is a sign that something’s wrong. Trace it to the source and fix it fast, before it becomes something more serious.


Keep floors flawless

Flooring can start to wear, or the underpinning support can loosen, especially around doorways. If the floor begins to feel different underfoot, investigate and fix it.


Keep an eye on skylights

Your roof’s weakest point is probably the skylight. Check often, because the plastic or sealant can suffer from constant exposure to the elements, leading to leaks and draughts.


Check the chassis

Even if your park home is a Willerby with a fully galvanised steel chassis, it’s wise to inspect the base regularly for early signs of corrosion.


Unblock your gutters

Damp problems often start when pools of water settle in blocked guttering. Take a few minutes every so often to clear out the leaves, twigs other detritus that can collect there.


Keep your boiler serviced

A regularly serviced boiler is much less likely to break. It will work more efficiently too, saving you money while keeping everyone warm.


Drain down if you’re leaving it empty

If your park home is a holiday home, rather than your permanent residence, be sure to winterise it before leaving it empty for weeks or months. That means carefully draining all water from the pipes, taps and tanks. Nothing is more likely to shorten your park home’s life than significant damage caused by burst pipes.


Ready to find out more about park home living? A great place to start is by downloading the latest Willerby brochure. You’ll love exploring all our options and bespoke possibilities.


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