What are the costs of owning a static caravan?

30 October 2020

Found a holiday home you’re keen to buy? First, you must be aware of the extra expenses associated with purchasing a static caravan. Before planning your first break, you will need to put some money aside to cover things such as site fees, utilities and insurance. In this article, we’ll discuss the different charges you can expect to pay when owning a static caravan.

How much are caravan site fees?

The pitching fee is the largest annual running cost owners pay. It covers things like water, maintenance and winter storage for parks that aren’t open year-round. The site fee will vary depending on the location of the park, the facilities and the length of the season.

Let’s break them down into rough band ratings:

Band C: £1,000-2,000

This park is likely to be on the smaller end of the site scale. If you’re looking for a personal feel to caravan life, this type of pitch could be for you. Owners typically choose these parks for the tranquillity they offer, partly due to the smaller capacity.

Band B: £2,000- 3,500

The middle tier is the average amount you can expect to pay when choosing a park site. Facilities can vary from essentials to more luxurious, and this is reflected in the price. Parks at the lower end of the ‘silver’ price bracket may have an on-site pub — perfect if you’re looking to socialise. At the top end of this bracket, you might find sites that have an indoor pool or even an entertainment programme. Adult-only parks typically have a restaurant or gym, too.

Band A: £3500-10,000+

Band ‘A’ sites are the best of the rest in the holiday park world. Prices start around £3,500 but can stretch up to £12,000 for the more luxurious resorts. Owners who choose to stay in an upmarket park may have access to multiple swimming pools, bars, restaurants, a multi-facility gym and an extensive entertainment programme.

Some may even include ‘exclusive’ adult-only facilities, such as a spa or golf course. If you are searching for sites at the top end of the bracket, you’ll also find ones which cater for the whole family.

Need help choosing your park? Try our Find a Park tool. You can browse through a range of sites in your desired location with ease.

How much does it cost to heat a caravan?

Willerby caravans come with all the mod cons of a contemporary home, but that means you also need the energy to power them. Of course, gas and electricity come at an expense.

Some holiday parks will run meters, and many will allow you to connect gas bottles. Prices vary depending on where you are in the UK, but a lot of the time you can expect to be paying less than you do at your primary address. Of course, this always depends on your usage.

Although it’s difficult to give you an exact cost for fuel, larger parks suggest putting £500 aside to cover energy for the season. In colder weather, some park homeowners recommend allowing for 47kg gas bottle per week. You will typically be able to buy these bottles on-site.

If you’re staying in a Willerby park home, you can relax in the knowledge it has been designed with energy efficiency in mind. From double glazed windows and doors to top-quality insulation, we do our utmost to keep your bills at a minimum.

Water rates also vary from region to region. However, some park operators will charge ‘drain down’ rates — meaning they remove all water from your caravan before winter. This is useful as it can prevent water damage or pipe erosion during freezing temperatures.

Do I have to pay council tax on a static caravan?

No, council tax is not owed on a static caravan, provided you are not living in it residentially. As holidays homes don’t count as your primary address, you will not be charged. Yet another great reason to make your second home a park home!

How much is static caravan insurance?

Unlike car insurance, caravan insurance isn’t compulsory — although it is recommended. You may be able to insure your static caravan at a reduced rate with your park or operator. Again, costs will vary due to size and caravan types.

Typically, insuring a 10-foot-wide ‘starter’ holiday home will cost between £150-200, whereas a 20-foot lodge could be around £600.

A specialist caravan insurance policy could cover you if:

  • Your caravan’s stolen.
  • Your caravan’s broken into and contents are stolen or damaged.
  • The inside of your caravan is damaged following an accident, e.g. a water leak.
  • Your caravan suffers external damage.

What is typically not covered in caravan insurance?

  • Damage or theft due to lack of security, e.g. leaving windows open.
  • Everyday wear and tear damage.
  • Damage caused by insect or vermin infestation.
  • Mildew Damage.

Always check your policy before purchasing insurance to see what is and isn’t covered.

Additional Costs

In some instances, your park owner may require extra money to support any on-going maintenance that relates to safety. If this is the case, your contract should make it clear. Please watch out for any park owner that insists repair work or insurance must be bought through them, as you may be overcharged.

Can I rent out my static caravan?

Yes! Renting out your holiday home is a great way to improve return on investment. You could make up to £500 a week during the peak seasons, such as during summer holidays.

Firstly, you will have to check if your caravan park permits rental homes. Some parks can have stricter guidance for homeowners, so make sure to read your contract before advertising to rent.

If you’re renting out your park home, there are several laws you need to abide by. Here’s a helpful checklist:

  • Attain a landlord gas safety certificate
  • Install a smoke alarm
  • Install a fire extinguisher + fire blanket
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Attain a fixed electrical installation certificate
  • Check all electrical items have portable

If you’ve crunched the numbers and are ready to make your dream holiday home a reality, browse our Willerby holiday home range today.