Team Talk with Nick Narborough

05 June 2023

In this month’s Willerby Team Talk chat we speak to VS2 Process Manager Nick Narborough.

Nick first joined Willerby’s after sales team in his early twenties and was based in France for three months before working in various roles on the production lines for five years.

After leaving to work in other roles, he returned in August 2018 as Plumbing Manager before becoming VS1 Process Manager and took up his current position in January this year.

Tell us about your job and what it involves.

I work alongside four supervisors managing more than 100 staff on Line 2. We set production targets, check health and safety policies are being adhered to, make sure raw materials are in place to produce the holiday homes and monitor staff attendance, making sure everyone is fit and healthy to work. A key element of our work is to make sure our holiday homes are being made to Willerby’s Gold Standard.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The people. They make your day so much easier. They’re helpful, they go the extra mile and I’ve made a lot of friends who always look out for me and each other. It’s a big team effort and we have a great working relationship among all the staff.

What does being part of the Willerby team mean to you?

Teamwork is everything for me and I’ll always go the extra mile because the staff do it for me. As a team, we’ve supported people to develop in their roles and gain new skills, promoting from within. I’m really proud to work here and I’ve grown as a person and as a manager.

If you didn’t work for Willerby and you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

Centre forward for Leeds United because the goal scorers get all the glory! I’m a Leeds fan but don’t tell anyone!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate – I can’t resist it even when I’m on a diet. Whether it’s nutty, fruity, dark, plain or white, I just love it! I have an emergency chocolate stash in my drawer at work to keep me going. Don’t tell anyone though – I don’t want it to go missing!