Willerby showcased in Oh Yes! Net Zero report

20 May 2024

We’re proud to prominently feature in a report highlighting the achievements of the Oh Yes! Net Zero decarbonisation initiative to date.

Oh Yes! Net Zero was launched two years ago by the University of Hull, Reckitt and Future Humber to lead the region’s drive to a net zero economy. It has brought together more than 150 organisations in the Humber, united in this common goal.

Oh Yes! Net Zero has now released a report detailing the work that has taken place since its launch, featuring the transformational work of a number of the partner organisations accelerating the journey to net zero.

It includes an interview with our Chief Financial Officer Sue Allan, who drives our sustainability agenda, both in the printed version of the report and as a video online.

The report outlines our major decarbonisation initiatives, including the introduction of the pioneering Willerby GreEN Standard, the first sustainability standard launched by any holiday home manufacturer and the industry’s only green build specification.

It also details our All-E all-electric holiday home specification, which is now being rolled out to holiday homes across the UK to help operators reduce their carbon footprint, and how we’ve driven cultural change throughout the company to make sustainability a priority.

Willerby's Sue Allan championing Oh Yes! Net zero

Sue says: “Everything we do as a business is focused on three factors – people, product and place.

“We’re working up and down our supply chain to ensure our units can be manufactured and operate to the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability, including field trials with clusters of all-electric units on test parks to understand the practical constraints and record the
performance of homes in use.”

We’re the first manufacturer in the holiday homes industry to publish a Sustainability Report, and Sue says: “It involved scrutinising everything we do in our day-to-day business and working out what the business needs to commit to, now and in the future.”

Discussing our membership of Oh Yes! Net Zero, Sue says: “It was at an Oh Yes! Net Zero meeting that I met up with Axiom, a local company with a software platform that hosts all of our sustainability data in one place.

“That gives us a baseline to help prioritise which of our suppliers have the biggest impact on our carbon footprint and which ones we can work closely with to try and reduce our scope 3 emissions and our impact on the planet.

“It’s been a great tool and absolutely essential to help us bring it all together into one place. It's really easy for people to use, which is vital when you don't have people dedicated to sustainability, but plenty who need to monitor sustainability impacts nevertheless.”

Sue goes on to say: “We’re looking to be as close to energy self-sufficiency as we can, so we’re going to carry on looking at investing in projects like an organic Rankine cycle plant, solar panels and wind turbines.

“We’re a major employer and player in the local economy, and we’re committed to actively contributing to the sustainability of the Humber region.”

To read the full Oh Yes! Net Zero report, click here www.reckitt.com/oh-yes-net-zero/