Before you begin

Before beginning the process of placing a park home or lodge on your own land, you will need to carry out a feasibility study to ensure it can be done. Some things to check are:

Is there adequate access available to the land?

What planning permission will be required?

What sized home can you fit on your land?

Does your budget cover all costs?

Planning permission

Planning regulations differ from county to county so you will need to speak to your local council for the most up-to-date advice. They will look at things such as the amount of disruption that could be caused, ground conditions, physical characteristics of the plot, whether structures had been in place on the land previously, and if there are any covenants in place.

Financing your home

We require a deposit to begin production of your home. Once the home has been made you will need to pay for the home in full. You may be able to get a mortgage for your park home or lodge, but this is uncommon – please speak to us for advice and recommendations.